2024 Honda Urban EV Release Date and Features

Following the expansion of electric vehicles, the Japanese Honda will also introduce us with their version all-electric car, the Urban EV. First reports of this vehicle come from the car show in Frankfurt in 2017, where Honda presented us with the Urban EV Concept. From the concept version, we could see that it will have a futuristic design with an all-electric powertrain.

Some reports say that the production version will remain the same. The only difference is in size. The production version will have five doors, instead of three. Other differences from the concept are regular doors and round lights. This EV will be the first from Honda that will also be available in Europe.

Appearance and Features

Source: wikimedia.org

The biggest change from the concept is two extra doors and round lights on the front. An interesting change is that this vehicle will not have side mirrors at all. It will use cameras instead. Windows of this car will not have frames, and the handles are well-fitted on the upper part of the doors. The Concept version has an exterior display bar that shows the battery status, but we are not sure that Honda will keep this feature for production.

We could only see a camouflage version of this vehicle, but we can assume that the production version will also have a wide LED screen across the whole board in the inside, we could see that in the concept EV. If the Urban EV keeps the all-screen feature, we can expect that it will provide the driver will various information, and it will display the cameras that are outside of the car. Also, we can presume that the middle of the screen will act as a big side and back mirror.

If it stays similar to a concept version, we don`t expect many physical buttons. Besides that, everything will be on the touch-screen, Honda will keep the attractivity. The intention for EV is to be a premium model of an electric vehicle. It will have some wood details on doors and seat frames. Also, we can expect materials for the interior to be of high quality. Some versions should include leather seats.

Source: motor1.com

Information about the engine are not available yet, but we expect it to be at least the same as Honda Clarity, with 161 horsepower. Also, we don`t know the size of the battery, but some reports say that the range will we around 250 kilometers. If Urban EV really is a premium class vehicle, then the price will be around 30,000 dollars. The main rivals in this segment are Renault Zoe, Toyota Yaris, VW E-UP! BMW i3.

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