The 6 best Honda cars of all time

Honda is one of the most popular Japanese car manufacturers whose cars are often rated as the most reliable and dependable. Honda vehicles often score amazingly in different tests and studies which has rapidly made them become synonymous with being trustworthy all around the globe.

Since 1963, when the company started producing cars, the manufacturer has built a strong reputation for top quality, sporting engines, and latest technological innovations incorporated into the car designs. All the company’s cars of all time are being associated with the most reliable and dependable used cars. According to the experts from Pedders, pre-owned vehicles only need some spare parts for an upgrade and they can continue to perform at optimal levels for many years. Hondas are the cars that have the fewest reported technical issues or mechanical failures.

Here are the 6 best Honda cars ever built and what are the key features that sealed the car manufacturer’s reputation as one of the world’s best:

Honda NSX

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Launched in 1989, the Honda NSX, it has been considered for many years a great rival to the famous Porsche 911 and the Ferrari 348 thanks to its amazing performance and much more affordable price. The Honda NSX model has quickly become the fastest vehicle produced by the company having the ability to rocket from a standstill to almost 100 km per hour in just 5.7 seconds. The NSX model isn’t popular only for its Ferrari-like performance and its affordable price but also for being the perfect blend of a great style, impressive performance, and strong reliability.

The 2002 NSX Type-R has overperformed the first version of this design. The company wished for even better performance so it has eliminated the sound deadening and air conditioning feature to achieve weight savings.

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The second generation of NSX has initially been announced in December 2007. However, it was not introduced earlier before 2016. Yet, many believe that the waiting time was all worth it as the 2017 NSX has brought a hybrid powertrain which combines a 3.5 L twin-turbo V6 engine and three electric motors.

Honda Accord

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The Accord model of the company is perhaps the most popular ever produced. When they hear about Honda, most people associate it with it. Every generation of Accord has offered car enthusiasts different features and technical innovations that no other car manufacturer could offer.  One of the biggest advantages that the Accord model offered was its reliability and performance at a significantly more affordable price.

The Accord model was known in the automotive industry as a good rival to the well-established models such as Mitsubishi Galant. Moreover, since its release in the European and American market, it has quickly become the best-selling car of the company ever. The vehicle often scores as one of the most reliable cars built by the company after being used for many years and it is also known as a very popular car family vehicle choice.

Honda Jazz

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The Honda Jazz has been introduced into the market as the company’s most practical car model. It often scores impressively having a reliability index of just 12. The Honda Jazz is well-known as the perfect family car thanks to its large interior that provides a lot of comfort and space.

The 2018 Jazz has come with many improvements and features. Apart from the updated exterior that makes it a distinctive styling element, the new Jazz also comes with the latest tech features such as an Advanced Touchscreen Infotainment that has audio, video, and navigation system. Moreover, apart from the standard safety features, the new Jazz offers an improved safety and better driver experience with two impressive features: rear parking sensors and speed sensing door locks.

Honda CR-V

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The Honda CR-V was the best-selling model in America in 2016. The CR-V model has also rated a 59 score which is below the industry average. The CR-V has many features that car enthusiasts simply love including all standard features and a few more. It comes with a very spacious interior and an impressive engine performance being powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine for every trim level.

Honda Civic Si

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Released in 1989, with a long number of technical innovations, the Honda Civic Si is the fourth generation of this model and served as the top-end model. Thanks to all the improvements that have been brought to it, it has certainly stood out from the rest. The Civic Si has come with a more powerful engine, the B16a engine.

The 2017 model, which is also the tenth generation of the model, has quickly achieved a reputation as the most exciting model produced by the company in years. The vehicle is available in both coupe and sedan and has a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. The Civic Si model has gained the reputation of being the vehicle which has made engine swapping a popular part of the tuning culture among car enthusiasts.

2019 Honda Civic

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The latest model is certainly one of the best cars ever made by the famous car manufacturer. This new model comes with an impressive infotainment system, a new sport trim, and scores amazingly at fuel efficiency and overall performance. The first innovation that the 2019 Civic brings is the fact that it is available both as a coupe and sedan.

It also comes with a spacious cabin offering a whole new level of comfort to all passengers and a design created with top-quality materials that offer a luxurious look and design. The strong turbocharged 2.0-L engine has the ability to create an impressive fuel economy and offer a speedy acceleration.  The 2019 Honda Civic has all the standard features all previous models have plus some new technical innovations that ensure better driving performance and increased safety.  The latest model comes with a huge list of safety and infotainment features including forward collision warning, emergency braking, and automatic cruise control. In terms of tech features, the 2019 Civic comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a rearview camera.

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