Buying The First Car? Here’s What You Should Keep in Mind!

Endless browsing offers, going to different car showrooms and listening to the dealers talking over each other can give you a headache. Especially if you’re shopping for a vehicle for the first time.
Feeling lost and confused is a natural reaction. But don’t give up! MyCarNeedsThis has a couple of useful tips for first-time vehicle buyers. It may seem scary at first but applying the following suggestions will make the quest much more approachable.

Let’s see what you can do before purchasing your very first car!

1. First of All — Research!

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Setting your budget for a car before getting to know the offers is an often but wrong tip. Sure, it’s possible to decide how much money you’re ready to spend. However, our projects can appear to be highly unrealistic without knowing the current automotive market. A cursory look at the prices of used and new vehicles will help you picture a rough range of the possible expenses.

2. And Then Money

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Analyzing your financial possibilities before deciding on a particular car is absolutely crucial. You have to know for sure if you can afford a vehicle, in the first place. Not only just buying it but also further maintaining — gas, insurance, periodic inspections, changing tires, and many more necessary expenses.

Once you’re done with the detailed and honest calculation and see if you’re ready for this additional financial responsibility, you can sit down over to setting your budget. Make sure to stick to the specified amount of money you want to spend on a vehicle. It will motivate you to recalculate all possible costs of a given car and protect you from exposing yourself to unexpected additional costs.

3. Before Getting a Loan

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Your analyzed financial situation or decision to buy a brand new car (or both) might force you to consider shopping for a loan. Before applying for a loan it would be good if you knew the exact amount of money that you’re lacking. Keep in mind that repaying the loan will also include paying the interest. Don’t forget to count it in when planning the ultimate budget.

4. Know Your Needs

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There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before deciding if the car you like is right for you. The most decisive one is: What do you need a car for? Driving to work and occasional getaways, regular extreme outdoor adventures or official business purposes?

Answering the question will help you determine the rest of the aspects such as the size, the kind of drive, and decide if you really need a brand new car. It’s important, to be honest with yourself and not fall for your own whims. Be realistic and stick to your actual needs and expectations.

5. Before Making the Final Decision

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You usually try on clothes before buying them. You should also try out a couple of vehicles before deciding on the right one. It’s possible to take a test drive with a showroom vehicle as well as with a used car from a dealer or from a private party. Take this opportunity very seriously and plan the test drives carefully!
We’d strongly recommend scheduling test drives of different vehicles possibly on the same day or one day apart maximally. Such action will help you compare a couple of different driving experiences more reliably.

Also, as a first-time buyer, you shouldn’t go for any of the scheduled test drives alone. Especially if you’re testing used vehicles that can have hidden defects you wouldn’t notice as a novice driver.
Hire a mechanic or look for a specialist among your family members that could accompany you on the test drives and catch possible failures. A professional car mechanic will make a valuation of potential repairs or replacing parts. He will also estimate if the seller’s price is accurate and help you negotiate reasonably.

We know that buying your first vehicle is not easy and you have the right to be stressed about it. However, don’t let the challenges overwhelm you. With a car, you’re going to be independent of trains and buses. Learning about vehicles and choosing your very own one is actually the beginning of a great adventure!

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