2019 Honda ZSX Release Date

Rumors about a new Honda sports car have been flying around the internet for a while now. A few months ago spy shots of what seemed to be a mid-engine Honda have been leaked on the internet. It seems that this car is supposed to be the prototype for the 2019 Honda ZSX, a name which Honda trademarked not that long ago. The ZSX is supposed to be a smaller NSX and from the look of these pictures it is quite clear that it is just that. Unfortunately the manufacturer decided to keep quiet about the car. Even so we can clearly see some very interesting details about Honda’s new car which may steal the spotlight for sports cars costing less than $60,000.

More details

Because Honda said so little about it, we are quite sure the ZSX will actually be made. The car seems to be based on a rear wheel drive platform which also boasts a mid-engine. This is obvious from the fact the prototype had a really small frontal area which is also present on the NSX. Unlike the latter though, the prototype of the ZSX seems to be a stripped down car mostly aimed for track use. While a model like it may eventually be made, it looks like the production version will actually be more similar to the NSX than what first rumors suggested. The price or release date are still unknown but considering the prototype looked production ready, it is safe to assume the car is close to being released.

Spy photo of new ZSX

Exterior and interior design

The 2019 Honda ZSX might end up becoming the best looking car in its class and that is not an easy feat to achieve, especially for a Honda. The prototype had a really aggressive front end with angular intakes and a real splitter. It had really slim headlights too and while some of these will be changed, the production car should still be close to it. The rear part of the car with the massive radiator vents and the center exhausts might be used on the production version. The fixed wing on the other hand as well as the side intakes might be there just on the prototype. We do hope that Honda will also keep the car as a roadster but if we take into account the latest rumors then we can safely assume it will be sold as a coupe. The interior of the ZSX is still under wraps but even so we can expect a minimalist cabin. This will likely feature enough for two people and that’s about it. Some suggested it will share parts with the NSX but we find this really hard to believe.

Patent picture of upcoming 2019 Honda ZSX

Patent picture of 2019 Honda ZSX

2019 Honda ZSX specs

The car is more than likely not going to be powered by a V6 engine like most suggested. Instead, the 2019 Honda ZSX will likely receive a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-four gasoline engine, the same that can be currently found on the TypeR Civic. This is known to make over 300 horsepower and around 300 lb-ft of torque which is usually enough for a lightweight vehicle. However, it seems Honda will go a step further and release the car as a hybrid. This will get an additional electric motor that will be bolted either the front wheels or the engine’s crankshaft. The end result should be right around 350 horsepower and well over 400 lb-ft of torque. This should allow the engine to have little to no turbo-lag and it should make the ZSX quite a bit faster when exiting a corner. A 6 speed manual transmission has been rumored but an automatic is more likely considering the latest trends. The car will more than likely be rear wheel drive but an all wheel drive version, with a front electric motor, is still possible.

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