2016 Honda FCEV Concept release date

Honda presented its new FCEV concept in the North American Auto Show in Detroit this year. This concept is designed as a preview of the production model which is going to be launched in Japan next year. The concept is characterized by aerodynamic design with interesting roof line and numerous openings which channeled air in order to reduce air resistance. Its interior is really elegance with futuristic instrument group or floating information and entertainment system. This model will be able to cross the 480 km (300 miles) with single charge of fuel cells while charging take about 3 minutes.


The 2016 Honda FCEV Concept is additionally manufactured to be a hybrid vehicle combined with power resource from two different resources that is the hydrogen gas cell stack of approximated 3kW/L as well as an elegant little battery all packaged under one engine space. Combined with this engine capacities, it is projected that the car will certainly be a rate beast of estimated over 300 miles per hr an apparent upgrade of the previous version, a 135 effective horse power and also a quick charging span of a lot less compared to 4 minutes.
1x1.trans 2016 Honda FCEV Concept release date

Exterior design

Now, as far as FCEV’s exterior design is concerned, it is hard to expect that any producer would in fact be bold enough to go all out. Will certainly Honda do it, it is still prematurely to say. However, it could safely be required that this isn’t visiting occur. This car has just way too many advanced parts and also creases coupled with large air intakes which are generally part of super cars. As a fuel-cell automobile, 2016 Honda FCEV must have some distinguishing characteristics, yet not that lots of. This implies that production-ready version will in fact be rather various, however it would be an actual shame to blunt all its intensity, and we certainly hope that a few of it is going to survive.

Release date and price

As we previously said FCEV concept had it world debut in the North American Auto Show in Detroit this year.If we talk about release date of this car it will be set for market at the beginning of 2016.Although Honda has actually not formally launched the price of the FCEV, it is requireded to be in the $35,000 to $45,000 price range.

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2016 Honda FCEV Concept interior design

Even though it had very futuristic interior Honda explained that it will certainly retain considerably of the things of the concept FCEV. This is fantastic news since the vehicle has a 2-door extended physique combined with distinctive curves, extremely eye-catching style and also amazing top qualities. Inside you can discover space for roughly 4 human as well as two in the back seat. The automobile includes a cover design meanings that that there will absolutely be wonderful direct exposure all around. Inside you will have an exceptional climate control system at your disposal, together with a satellite navigation system with two screens. One of the screens is crafted specifically for the instrument cluster and the other screen acts as a satellite navigation/infotainment system.

1x1.trans 2016 Honda FCEV Concept release date


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