Car Shipping Chicago: Preparation in 6 Steps

If you have made the necessary car shipping Chicago preparations, moving your car across the country needn’t be as stressful. Once the car is loaded onto the truck, the responsibility of getting your car safely to its new home is on the driver. However, it’s up to you to ensure that your car is properly before the driver arrives. Below is a list of steps you can take to ensure your car is well prepared for car transportation services.


Some companies only ship operable vehicles, as they can drive the vehicle onto the truck. They may make allowances for cars that can steer and brake, charging additional fees. If your car is not drive able or if it can only steer and brake, you need to inquire with the car shipping Chicago company upfront to ensure that they will ship the vehicle. Many car shipping Chicago companies will not cater for inoperable vehicles on their online car shipping calculator, but you can call them to see if they offer this service. An excellent resource to find out more about auto transportation in Chicago can be found on this website.

Car Shipping Preparations

1. Wash the car. In order to complete the rest of the steps, you first need to ensure that your car is squeaky clean from the outside in, removing any dust, dirt or grime. Also, when your car is clean before shipping, you will have a smaller task once it is delivered. And if you need any informations or help about transport of your vehicle you can visit


2. Complete a visual inspection. Now that your car is clean, it will be easier to notice any paint chips, discolorations, scratches and dents. Take high quality photos of these issues, and make notes of it. That way, you will be better able to recognize anything new, in the extremely unlikely case that your car is damaged in transit.

3. Check the undercarriage. Once you have inspected the exterior, it is time to check the undercarriage for any leaks, and have them repaired soonest.

4. Perform a general car maintenance service. This includes:

    1. Checking and topping up fluids (washer, power steering, engine coolant, brakes and oil)
    2. Ensuring the battery is fully charged.
    3. Checking the tire pressure to ensure they are not under- or over-inflated.

5. Remove all personal items (GPS, car chargers, removable audio and documents) and removable customizations and accessories, but leave behind your spare tire, hand tools, jack and emergency kit.

6. Deactivate the alarm and automatic toll tags and parking passes. The last thing you want is for your car to collect fees for every toll it passes through.


You can check your odometer reading, but there should be no reason to drive your car any more than onto and off the truck.  

When completing your car shipping preparation, be thorough, but remember that there’s a less than 5% chance of your car sustaining any damage at all during the auto transportation process. Drivers are highly experienced and security and safety processes are in place to provide you with the best possible service – including delivering your vehicle in the same condition in which it was collected.

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