4 Best Tips for Safe Relocation of Your Vehicle in 2024

When you are planning a move, you have to think about packing up all your items, about which furniture to sell and which furniture to take with you, and a whole host of other complex choices. You would not be blamed if you forgot about your car!

There are a variety of ways to make sure that your car comes with you to your new location, from driving it yourself to towing it behind a U-Haul, to having someone transport it for you to your new home. This article from mercuryautotransport.com nicely sums up how auto transport work. If you are stumped about planning the part of your trip that involves your vehicle, read on tips for the safe relocation of your vehicle during your move!

Best Tips for Safe Relocation of Your Vehicle

The key thing about relocating a vehicle is that you need to plan to do so safely. There are a variety of ways to avoid damage to your car and possible accidents that many people do not consider when they are planning out their move.

1. Pick a Good Auto Transport Company

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There are many auto transport companies out there, but they are not all created equal. It might be daunting to try and figure out which company to use, but there are some easy ways to identify a quality company over a shoddy one.

Always make sure that you get a detailed quote that includes information about the insurance policy of the transport company and details about their delivery schedule. You will also want to be sure that you will be able to get your car delivered straight to your address if that is what you would prefer.
Make sure to ask about the kind of transport that your car will be riding on as well. Many people assume that their car will ride in an enclosed trailer, but that is usually a significant extra charge and might not be applicable to your kind of car. If you are shipping an exotic or an older car, you might want to pay for this, but typically your car will be hauled on an open car transport.

Making sure that you are clear about the details of the trip and that the quote includes all the right information can help you find the perfect auto transport company for your needs.

2. Be Certain That You Feel Comfortable Pulling a Trailer

It is all too common for people to plan to take their car with them behind their rented moving van because it is much cheaper to rent a car trailer in many cases than to pay for the gas needed to drive the car to your new home.

The problem with this solution to the cost of gas is that many people do not consider how difficult it is to handle a car on a trailer behind a moving van. If you have never hauled a trailer behind anything, you should be wary of this decision.

Driving a moving van is hard enough if you have never done it. Adding a car on a trailer to the mix could actually be dangerous for you and everyone else on the road.

If this is still your plan, be sure to do some research about this kind of driving and make sure that you are familiar with the car trailer itself. At the very least, you need to be certain that you are able to hook up the trailer to the van properly and that you will be able to secure the car to the trailer the right way.

3. Don’t Pack Too Much in Your Car

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If you are driving your car to your new home, don’t plan on packing half your things in it when you move. It can be tempting to pack your car totally full of stuff so that you don’t have to pay for more boxes or to try and save you time when you get to your new home.

The problem with doing this is that you will likely not be able to see behind you and you could actually damage items by packing them into a small space without the protection of boxes or other packing materials.

Being able to drive safely, and avoiding the stress of damaged items when you arrive at your destination is well worth the effort of packing up a few more boxes and sending them with the moving company you have hired.

4. Make Sure Your Car is in Good Repair

If there’s a check engine light on your dash that’s been blinking on and off lately, or if you have bald tires, you will want to take care of these items before you head out on your journey to your new home. There is nothing that is more depressing than being on the road to a new adventure, only to break down and need to be towed to a dealership or repair shop.

The other unfortunate part of breaking down while you are on the way to your new home, is that your car might have to stay at the repair shop, but you need all the items that are packed inside of it. On top of that, you may not know anyone who can drive to your location to help you move the things that are in your car to your new home.

Avoid all of this stress and chaos by making sure that your car is in good shape to make the drive. An added bonus is that you will not have to deal with an unexpected car issue right after you have arrived at your new home.

Planning is Key For the Safe Relocation of Your Vehicle

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If you are planning a move, make sure not to forget about your car. Being certain that you can safely move your car, or have it sent with a trusted auto transport company, will take a weight off your shoulders on moving day.

All you want to have to worry about on moving day is where to put the boxes while you unpack them. Make sure to consider these tips for safely relocating your car to prevent unexpected surprises and setbacks that might make your move a misery.

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