You Can Have Personalised Number Plates Too

Personalised number plates are the latest craze in the market, with many people opting for personalised number plates rather than bargain personalised number plates. Personalisation is all about getting what you want, which can be a major bonus when it comes to purchasing something as important as your car and its license plate.

Personalising your number plate also means that it will stand out from the crowd – making it easier for other drivers to spot you! Styled such as gel number plates are a popular option amongst drivers within the UK!

Plate Hunter can make this easier for you to find the perfect number plate. But, can it be affordable? We offer an extensive list of number plates, and even personalised and private plates, here at Platehunter. We will go over the differences here before you shop!

Personalised or Private Number Plate


Picking which way to go can be a tricky decision, but one which isn’t too difficult. Personalised plates are often in higher demand and don’t come up on the market as much – meaning that you could potentially secure them quicker! Yet, they can also end up costing more than private number plates.

Private number plates will always remain your property and will never go on sale. Personalised plates are rights of ownership and last for a certain time – usually from three to six years, with some restrictions on usage, such as not being able to use them in advertising.

Finding Cheap Personalised Number Plates

Knowing now that custom number plates can get expensive, what if you are looking to get one on a budget? Well, you are in luck. Some cheap personalised plates can range from £25 to £150, and they are usually just as good quality!

There are millions of number plates available to buy on the market that you can have that match your tastes, but for those who want their plates sooner rather than later or cannot afford a private plate there are some cheap options out there! This makes for an attractive option for those looking for a bargain!

As mentioned before, some restrictions may apply to what you can do with your personalised plates. For example, there is a restriction in place that says no more than three letters or numbers can be used in any one registration mark if it’s for private use. You may also find that some number plates are restricted, which means they cannot be used.  For more information check out the Ultimate DVLA Number Plate Buying and Selling Guide by Regtransfers.

Proper Dealer for Cheap Number Plates


When searching for any custom number plate, you will want to be sure you are working with a reputable dealer. Like many things, there are bad dealers and scammers out there, so be sure to look for the following from an online reseller:

  • A genuine supplier with a good reputation.
  • A large selection of number plates to choose from (not just private use).
  • Secure checkout process and no hidden fees.
  • More than one payment option available. It’s wise not to give your credit card information away online unless you’re sure it is.

Plate Hunter has been in business since 2010 and will ensure you experience a smooth, hassle-free transaction. Visit our bargain custom number plates at platehunter and browse the deals we have. We will be happy to answer any questions!


Personalized and unique number plates are trending everywhere but do you know their benefits? Many people try to get fancy number plates for their vehicles, but they are not aware of how it can benefit them. Let us breakdown some of the advantages of owning a fancy number plate:

1. It gives a unique statement of individuality:

Who doesn’t want to stand out or look different from the crowd? Well, everyone wants to set unique identities for themselves. Compare all the available options of the digits for your vehicles and choose the one that suits your needs the best. The right plate for your vehicle is a fantastic way to show your personality to others.

An automated generated number plate is just enough to serve its purpose but having personalized car plates is a great way to express your individuality. Even if you are looking for some unique gift for your partner or loved one, this is one of the best options. Apart from this, private plates can be easily remembered, whereas there are chances that you may forget the automated ones.

2. It acts as a kind of investment only:

As time passes and your private vehicle plates get old their value increases. A person has the opportunity to make a lot of profit out of their personalized car plates that will be appreciated over the years. Therefore, getting a personalized number plate is a kind of investment only as there is no chance for others to replicate them.

3. It provides your ride with a meaning:

There are many people in the world whose sentiments or emotions are attached to their vehicles. That is the main reason why they want to get private number plates for their wheels. A unique and personalized plate will provide a meaning to your ride that no one else will be able to understand except you because you have your sentiments attached to it.

4. It is easy to remember:


People generally tend to forget their automated car digits. However, when they have their private plates, they do not forget them easily. It can even help you find your vehicle quickly when there are many similar wheels present in the parking area. So, get your personalized plates soon to avoid forgetting them under difficult scenarios.

5. It is not necessary to have a lot of money to buy them:

No doubt that getting a private number plate is an expensive matter most of the time. But you don’t necessarily have to be a billionaire or millionaire to buy one for yourself. Some sequences can be out of your budget. So, first, you have to research the ones that are available in your budget. Once you get all the options, you can choose your custom plate number according to your affordability.


Getting a custom plate for your vehicle means choosing a unique identity to express your individuality. Some of these signs can become very prestigious in the future, and you can have the chance to earn a lot of profit from them.

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