7-Seater Van Hire: Comfort and Cost-saving

What does the formula for the perfect road trip include? There are those who say comfort. The others say cost-effectiveness. Nice and modern luxury cars for someone might also be an option to pick up a perfect car for a road trip. There are people who say the good friendly company. They are all right for sure. It turns out that a 7-seater car hire with rental24.co.uk for a large company can combine all these indispensable components or at least couple of them. All these advantages can help to make this trip amazing and very special. Road trips bringing more freedom to decide where you want to drive and what to see, so you are creating your trip by your own following up just your wishes and preferences.

When my friend who loves road trips with his family rented a 7-seater van for the first time, his journey acquired another quality. That’s because he got what he always wanted: plenty of space for better comfort and significant fuel saving. Moreover, he was able to thoroughly enjoy the trip and have fun all the way, driving a 7-seater car with one more person alternately. For a road trips with huge distances it’s can be a great option. While one driver is driving, another one can chill a bit and sleep on a back seats.

Thus, a fully equipped 7-seater car becomes a comfortable, safe, and cost-effective option for a modern driver.

Before, we rented two conventional cars upon arrival in the country of destination. It meant that we needed two drivers, two refueling, two insurances and… the most unpleasant thing is that we couldn’t enjoy each other’s company on the road. You know, it matters by far as most of the time we spend on the way in search of new places and experiences. We would like to promptly share our impressions of taking soft drinks in good company. As a driver, I want to alternate with another person while driving the car and not get tired. In addition, we don’t need any extra driver’s license for 7-seater car hire, as this is a passenger vehicle. Now I can give some tips being an experienced traveller who prefers to hire a 7-seater car only since that day.

Let’s see what we get renting a 7-seater car and its advantages.

What are the advantages of hiring a 7-seater van?

An experience of travelling in a large company led to the conclusion that the most appropriate option is to hire a 7-seater car. Just imagine 7 people on once car always talking and enjoying the music on the background while driving.

More space – better comfort

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Passengers get better comfort with more legroom and plenty of space with a comfortable seating pattern


Only one driver in one car. A 7-seater car hire self-drive allows other passengers to travel relaxed and have fun all the way long. 7-seater car is quite comfortable, so another driver can really enjoy the trip and take a rest. If there is another driver in a group, then you can drive without interrupting for the necessary rest. Moreover, you can drive at night to your destination point without wasting time, booking the hotel room or just staying somewhere to take a nap.


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Cost-saving perspective considering low fuel consumption on modern car models. We calculated the savings when hiring a 7-seater car. Taking into account the cost of renting several conventional 2-4-seater cars for a group of people and the cost of refueling, a 7-seater car hire will cost 60% less on the whole. More savings, more comfort – what else do you need for a perfect trip with your friends?

More luggage capacity

The ability to take more luggage due to the bigger vehicle interior and retractable seats. Thus, you will find a place for everything from rented bikes and skis to a picnic table and chairs and a barbecue. You can plan huge amount of activities and take in advance them all with you. Just try it and use the space of 7-seater car.

Alternative to overnight in a hotel

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Additional space in the case of hiring a 7-seater car and a simple modern folding system of the third row of seats makes it possible to use the seats as sleeping places. This allows you to further save on spending a night at a hotel, while not affecting comfort.

Easier parking

When the entire family or group of friends are together in one vehicle, you avoid the stress of having to find parking places for several cars at the same time. Also, you don’t need to search for each other through the crowds to meet up, which is a huge problem in popular tourist spots. You pay for one parking place only, instead of two, including a place for camping. So again you are saving money.

What insurance should I choose for 7-seater car hire?

Select the insurance option carefully when hiring a 7-seater car. Keep in mind that repair of a rented van can cost you more than a conventional car in the case of damage. Scratching the car while parking, damage to or loss of tires or glass may not be covered by the Collision Damage Waiver. In this case, only a comprehensive insurance policy with no excess will cover any damage whatsoever. Thus, cheap hire 7-seater car becomes even more profitable and protects you against sudden troubles on the road.

If more than one person drives a 7-seater rental car alternately, any additional drivers must be added to your rental contract. Normally you can do it for an extra charge that should be paid at the rental desk when picking up your vehicle. If you don’t do it and an additional driver is responsible for an accident, you will void the rental agreement and the insurance company may refuse to cover damage to the car.

Taking everything into consideration, we can see that 7-seater car is just suitable for a company of friends to enjoy their time together.

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