How to Take Care of Your Used Car in Summer?

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Summers can be extremely tough on your used car. You can follow the below-mentioned tips to take care of your used car during summer: 

Change Your Car’s Key Fluids

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You should check the key fluids of your car like engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc. before the change of seasons. Low fluid levels can affect the cooling of your car’s engine and cause it to overheat. If you find the fluid level is low, then you should immediately replenish it. If needed, these key fluids should also be changed to maintain your car in the top driving condition during the summer months. It is even better to get your used car inspected by a good mechanic before the onset of summer months if your locality experiences scorching hot summers. 

Ensure Tyres are Properly Inflated 

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Roads are extremely hot to drive during the summer months. If your car’s tires are not inflated properly, driving on the hot road can cause the tires to lose pressure quickly and even result in a blowout. This can be dangerous during driving and compromise your safety. Hence, to stay protected from such dangers, you should check your car’s tires at least once a month to ensure they are correctly inflated. To get a more accurate reading, you should check the pressure when the tires are cold. It is recommended always to follow the tire pressure suggested by the manufacturer. 

Keep the Engine Cool

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You should check the coolant level in your car frequently during summers. Coolant helps to keep the engine cooler and protects it from overheating. The coolant should be flushed periodically as recommended by the manufacturer. If your car uses rubber cooling system components, then you should regularly check the rubber hoses for signs of hardness, cracks, soft spots, etc. to ensure they are in good working condition. 

Ensure Battery is Well Protected 

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You should take good care of your battery during summers. Heat and vibration are important factors that cause your car’s battery to malfunction. While you cannot do much to lower the outside temperature, you can surely protect your battery from vibration. You should ensure that the battery is properly secured to avoid unnecessary vibrations. Battery fluids also evaporate faster during summer which can cause corrosion on terminals and connections. You should top up the battery fluids more frequently during summers. 

Drive in a Comfortable Environment 

It is important to drive in a comfortable environment during summers. It will help you feel relaxed and allow to focus better. You should ensure that your car’s air conditioner is working properly for maintaining a comfortable cabin temperature. This will lead to improved driver alertness and safety. 

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