A Beginner’s Guide to Upgrading Your Car

For anyone with a passion for cars, modifying your ride is probably pretty high on your to do list. Tuning your car is a great way to not only improve the way it looks and performs, but also really make it your own.

But when it comes to tuning your car, there are a lot of different things you can do, which can make the process a whole lot more complicated and confusing.

If you want to create your ideal car, keep reading to learn what you need to think about before you get started!

What you need to know about tuning your ride

Here are the questions you need to consider before you get started on your car tuning journey.

Is your car going to be for show, for racing or for everyday use?

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Before you begin with any modifications, it’s super important to think about how you’re going to be using your car. If you’ve only got the one car and you want to “pimp” it up but still have it as fully functional and roadworthy, that you can use at any time, there may be some mods that are not a good idea. For example, changes to your wheels may not be legal or need to be done under very specific circumstances.

If your car is more for show, perhaps for car shows or even racing purposes, then you’re going to be less restricted with what you can do to it.

Knowing the purpose behind how you’re going to use your will also help you prioritise the kinds of modifications you make and make it easier to budget for as well.

Do you want to make permanent changes or temporary ones?

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When it comes to tuning your car, there are not only lots of different things you can do to your car but lots of different ways you can do it.

There are lots of mods that can be temporary, also known as bolt-ons. So, you can always remove them when you’re ready.

When you choose permanent modifications, besides being totally sure that you’re ready to commit to that mod, you also need to be aware that permanent modifications can actually impact the warranty of your car as well. This could make it harder for you to sell your car or have it repaired in the future.

If you’re looking for certain performance improvements, then permanent modifications may be the only way to achieve this.

Make sure you take this into consideration when choosing what you’re going to do.

What kind of condition is your car currently in?

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Before you start tuning your car, you need to have an idea of what kind of condition it is really in. This will help you understand what is possible and what is actually a good idea. If you’re starting with a car that needs a lot of repairs, then you need to consider whether the mods you want to make are worth it. You don’t want to modify a car that isn’t in good condition as you might be sinking your money into a never-ending black hole.

Knowing the condition of the car will then help you decide on the mods to make and you can create yourself a budget so that you don’t end up spending more than you should.

Make sure you seek advice from people in the know

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It can be difficult to decide what to do when you’re tuning your car because not only is there a lot that you can do to it, but everyone who is into cars will probably have an opinion. So, make sure you seek advice and info from a trusted source. You can try google, car forums, car dealers, mechanics or even Facebook groups. Visit ausbodyworks.com.au and don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek guidance!

Now that you know the most important things to think about before you get started, you’re ready to get out there and start tuning your car today!

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