Top Reasons to Choose Honda As Your Dream Car

The definition of a dream car may not be the same for you as it is for your friends. The car that you long to have should cover a few aspects that are vital to you. Style, speed, fuel economy, dependability, and of course looks.

Yes, style and looks are basically the same thing, but first impressions are huge when it comes to impressing others. A sharp-looking car pulling up to the curb gets everyone’s attention, while an ugly old beater with a heater will not, unless someone is wanting to get a good laugh.

Just an opinion from an article is not enough of a reason to make your dream car a Honda, though. So, without any more praise let us dig into some real reasons why this should be the case.

1. Tech-


The world is in a state of knowledge. The tech age has shown us everything that can be possible. Cars are no different. Hondas have some of the most cutting-edge technology available onboard. As new model years come out, new tech rides along. But the good thing about the vehicles from this carmaker is that even the older versions will have the most advanced tech that they could have at the time that they were made.

2. Style-

This has already been touched on above, but it needs to be discussed one more time. Ask yourself “where can I go drive used Hondas near me?” To find the answer you visit this site. Stand back and compare a Honda front end to a competitor nearby. Honda is the style that catches your eye. Not just once, but every time.

3. Reliability-


Honda has become known for its reliability. You can take a trip across the country without having to worry about breaking down. Of course, you must be diligent on your maintenance schedules because not even a tank can run without the proper care.

4. Fuel Efficient-

Most of the newer versions, especially the Honda Civics, average over 30 miles per gallon. The versions that are a decade old can still get up to 30, but they average 20 as a combined number. Still good when you consider some of the other options.

5. Resale-


Hondas keep their value long after they are driven off the lot. In 2019 the carmaker received numerous awards for best resale values, while the other years are always around the top of the list. But once you own your dream Honda this will not matter because you will never want to sell it.

6. Safety-

Safety is one of the most prominent features of cars today. Last year Honda won the IIHS top safety award. Honda takes the safety of you, and all your occupants, very seriously. The safety features go along with high tech because of the level of safety that they have achieved. This is not a sales pitch so all the benefits will not be covered but do yourself a favor and go check some Hondas for yourself and make your own decision on how safe they are.

If these points do not get your attention, maybe this will. The Honda Civic was The Car of the Year for 2024. That is an award that cars strive to obtain, and along with all the other awards that Honda has achieved over the years, goes to show just how good their vehicles are.

Your dream car is something that you have put a ton of thought into. You may have taken some suggestions from the people around you, and you may take articles like this into account, but bottom line is that your dream car is yours. You need to make the final decision but remember that Honda has top-of-the-line SUVs, sports cars, and everything in between.

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