5 Easy DIY Car Upgrades

Upgrading your car has always been one of the best things that you can do, especially if you are really into cars, and I mean, why would you do it otherwise? Some upgrades are purely for performance since a lot of people want their cars to absolutely crush their opponents on the track, and other upgrades are purely for aesthetics, for people who don’t really care about what’s under the hood.

Or, even better, you can upgrade your car in both aspects.

As we all know, upgrading costs money, and some car components are well over a thousand dollars, so today we’re going to focus on some of the things that you can do yourself. Let’s take a look at these interesting and easy DIY Car Upgrades.

Replacing Air Filters

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Air filters are a very important component in your car, and as time goes by, they wear out and can soon become unusable if you don’t replace them. This is considered to be an upgrade simply because when you set-up a new air filter, you can boost performance by increasing the fuel mileage for a raw estimate of nine to eleven percent. We ranked it first on our list because it is very easy to do on your own.

Headlight upgrade – HID Kit

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We all know how important it is to have a clear vision ahead while you’re driving, so if you still haven’t done this, we recommend that you visit Saazs blog and check their HID Kit. These things are superior when you compare them to other types of Halogen lights or the regular LED’s. If you really want bright vision ahead of you, and you value both performance and aesthetics, this is the next upgrade that you need to do.

Replacing your old battery

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You’ve probably experienced this at least once if you are a serious driver. When your battery lets you down, it’s truly one of the worst feelings that you can experience while on the road. If you constantly keep track of this however, you will know when to replace it and eliminate any chances of it dying on you in a crucial moment. Regular cleaning is also advisable.

Brake Pad Replacement

source: knowhow.napaonline.com

If the brakes on a car are not your top priority, you should re-consider something. These things keep you safe on the road and if they are not functioning properly you have a huge safety issue. When it comes to repairing and replacing brakes, the process can cost you somewhere between a few hundred dollars, but there’s good news as well. You can replace the pads at home, and save a lot of money. According to this website, depending on where you live, whether a city or a rural area, the recommended mileage for replacement will vary. Obviously, living in a city makes you use your brakes a lot more when in traffic, so you’ll have to replace them earlier.

Interior aesthetic upgrade

source: morgan-motor.com

Most of the things inside your car can be replaced very easily in order to achieve that “brand-new” look of freshness. Things like car batteries at dunkermotor.com for example are really easy to replace but they last longer then some other parts of the car that are really easy to change but do not last that long. The floor pads for example are one of the signs that easily give out if you are a tidy person or not. However, even if your floor pad is always clean and tidy, the passenger ones might be dirty, and this will still give an unpleasant feeling to those that are riding in your car. You can also place brand new seat covers or steering wheel covers if you want to customize the interior entirely.

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