Honda Project 2&4 Concept

Honda prepared for us something really amazing st the 2015 Frankfurt motor show and the word is about its study called Honda Project 2&4 Concept. This ”motorcycle-roadster” is powered with motorcycle engine RC213V from MotoGP series. Honda motorcycle design center in Asaki and Honda’s automobile design center in Wako, both located in Japan,are responsible for the development of this project. Let’s read more about it.

1x1.trans Honda Project 2&4 Concept


The Concept includes a cabinless structure much like a motorbike yet with four wheels. Honda explains it as supplying “the flexibility of a bike as well as the maneuverability of a vehicle.” This offers the impression that Honda’s designers could have created a sprightly roadster not unlike the Ariel Atom, which by the way uses Honda engines.
1x1.trans Honda Project 2&4 Concept
The teaser sketch also reveals referrals in the livery to Honda’s 1960s Formula 1 vehicles – a possible homage to the firm’s initial F1 triumph, which came 50 years ago this October. There’s additionally a front air intake that can feed the engine. Based upon the taster sketch, the auto is likely a single-seater.

The sketch of production version of the Honda Project 2&4 Concept

Honda Project 2&4 Specs

Beyond that restricted description of the taster, the just various other fact verified by Honda is that the Project 2&4 is matched with exact same 1.0-liter V4 engine utilized in the 2015 Honda RC213V racing bikes contending in the FIA’s premier MotoGP Globe Champion Collection. The RC213V cranks out over of 235 horse power, a stat that ought to permit the Project 2&4 to quickly accomplish Honda’s mentioned objective of creating “a much more exciting customer experience.”. If we take into consideration that this concept vehicle is only 405 kg heavy than this 235 hp is more than enough  to provide you fantastic driving experience.
1x1.trans Honda Project 2&4 Concept
The option of transmission is more of a problem. The MotoGP bike has a smooth shift transmission – but Honda needs to integrate a reverse gear making it ideal for also a track day automobile. Honda’s Goldwing does have a reverse equipment repelled the electric starter electric motor, however, and also this might additionally be a remedy for Project 2&4.

Honda Project 2&4 Concept release date and price

The Honda Project 2&4 was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015. There is big possibility that this concept vehicle should get its serial version, judging by some unofficial information. Even if it get its serial product it will most probably be driven only at the racing trucks. We still don’t have any official information about the price but as soon as we get it, we will inform you.

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