2016 Honda Neowing Concept

Lately Honda is presenting to us very interesting vehicles and one of them is definitely its new high-riding three-wheeler called Neowing Concept. The 2016 Honda Neowing brings futuristic design and it has a lot of similarity with Can-Am Spyder which recently receive its police version. Considering the fact that demand for three wheeler lately increased, Honda decided to present its model and try to cope with strong competition such as Gilera, Quadro, Piaggio and Yamaha. This concept will have its world premiere at the end of this month at the Tokyo Auto Show.

2016 Honda Neowing specs and design

Like the various other concept Honda unveiled, the Neowing additionally looks extremely advanced as well as something straight out of a superhero movie. The Honda stated that the concept will bring new front linkage architecture, which is completely different from the solutions characteristic for this models created by other manufacturers. Including 2 wheels at the front, and a one wheel at the rear, the Honda Neowing is asserted to supply the cornering feel and also sporty ride equivalent to a large-sized motorcycle.  Three-wheeled tilting city scooters are claimed to be much more practical and also useful, yet the Neowing takes things an action further featuring a hybrid drivelines consisting of an opposed-four electric motor and electrical motors in tandem, for unique torque result.
1x1.trans 2016 Honda Neowing Concept
Like the Goldwing, the combustion engine in the Neowing features two cyndrical tubes on each side on the same aircraft, at 180 °. No output figures have actually been confirmed but we will discover more once the ‘mobility scooter’ is unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show later on this October. The Neowing guaranteed high torque from the word ‘go’ and similarly impressive handling. The Honda link system for the front wheels intends to astound with its convenience of use and dynamic results.
1x1.trans 2016 Honda Neowing Concept
The greatest properties of these three-wheeled cars are the safety features incurred by their turning front shock absorber. Piaggio initiated this market section featuring the MP3, based on a patented system by Studio Marabese Design. Every vehicle that followed suit– particularly the Quadro 3D, Peugeot Metropolis and Yamaha Tricity– depended on its very own special design, so we should anticipate Honda to innovate also.
1x1.trans 2016 Honda Neowing Concept

Release date

It is hard to think of Honda replacing the two-wheeled Goldwing, of which the business has offered near to 650,000 in 4 years of manufacturing,with a three-wheeler, but the Neowing does make a solid situation for itself. The idea is a sharp reaction to the effective Can-Am Spyder, a motorbike which, thanks to its imperturbable stability, continuouslies discover favor with riders which would not consider a two-wheeler. It’s a segment of the marketplace that’s going nowhere but up. It’s difficult to state exactly how seriously Honda has to do with the Neowing as a production design. The idea looks appealing and also in manufacturing kind, though the design is certainly something more edgy than what we would anticipate from Big Red. The 2016 Honda Neowing will have its world premiere in the end of the October and the time will show whether the company will start its serial production.

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