2016 Honda S1000 review

In 2013 Honda presented its S660 Concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show which serial production is expected in near future. Now Japanese manufacturer is working on development of new model which will be highly based on that S660 Concept. This model, unlike the S660, will be offered outside Japan and it will be called S1000. Surely this 2016 Honda S1000 will experience some changes in design but the main thing which will be different from S660 is its more powerful engine. We can expect this car to hit the market in the second half of 2016.

Engine and specs

This roadster, as we previously said, will be greatly based on the S660, however there is a major difference in between both motor vehicles, their engines. The S660 Japanese model is powered by a 3 cyndrical tube 660 cc engine to make sure that it can fulfill the country’s Kei ride criteria. Its engine has the ability to accomplish a maximum result of 64 horse power. Based on variety reports, the automaker is preparing to incorporate a much more effective and larger engine for models that will be supplied outside of Japan. The engine that will provide the power to the brand-new 2016 Honda S1000 is said to be that of a 1.0 liter engine. This is also the very same system that powers the brand-new Honda Civic and it is able to deliver 138 horsepower. Given that the vehicle overall will lower in weight to an estimated 2000 pounds. With that being said, the new ride offering is claimed to be able to accomplish speeds of 60 miles per hr within an issue of 9 seconds with a top speed of 135 mph.

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Exterior design

Considering that the 2017 Honda S1000 will be greatly inspired by the S660, no person should anticipate numerous adjustments in its design. It would certainly be precise to call the look of the S1000 stable. The most prominent attributes will certainly be headlights, which one can anticipate 2 heads placed in a learning manner behind the grate, and also the grid that embellishes the doors.
1x1.trans 2016 Honda S1000 review

In compared to S660 brand-new 1000 will have a lot more hostile design, with the body crafted for wind resistant functions and wheels that are larger than just what was observed on the S660. In addition to enhanced suspension, braking system augmented for objectives of security and changed steering wheel systems, a lot of expert anticipate that Honda S1000 will stand independently of the S660, despite having all the characteristics they appear to share.

2016 Honda S1000 interior design

Because 2016 Honda S1000 would certainly be created as a sports car, it is no surprise that the vehicle would have the ability to receive two travelers. Their convenience would be assured by the usage of leather seats and wooden materials for the upholstery. Additionally, it almost do without stating that the manufacturer would make use of a great deal of high-tech accessories in order to make this vehicle attracting younger generations. Apart develop fantastic audio system and also environment controls; this car would certainly additionally have satellite navigating, USB connection along with a touchscreen.

1x1.trans 2016 Honda S1000 review

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Release date and price

If we take in consider that Honda S1000 is actually upgraded version of S660 expect to pay it also more. New S660 will coast around $25,000 so you might expect to pay S1000 around $32,000. Release date will certainly depend of the realization S660 variation, and also it is anticipated to be in the second half of 2016, possibly and also later. As the biggest competitor presently will certainly be model Mazda MX-5 Miata.


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