Is it Worth Buying Custom Door Lights For Your Car in 2024

You’ve probably seen one of the numerous car interior photos traveling the Internet. It seems like there’s not a single car left in the world, without the cool, colorful lighting inside. However, what if you simply want more? The beautiful shades of purple, blue, white or red are reserved only for the high-end luxury cars, and more importantly, new cars. Or at least you thought so. Mercedes Benz, BMW, Maserati interiors, we’ve all seen them. We’ve all wanted to sit in those cars and enjoy the night ride through the city. Opening the doors with subtle light details both on them and on the ground, create a luxurious feeling in one’s mind, that welcomes them in their gorgeous ride.

But what if your car doesn’t have interior lighting fixtures or special lights that are pre-built? Is there a way to get the same effect by yourself? Older models have different designs, that don’t include LED lighting details in their interiors.

According to more commonly, they don’t have car door light logos or ghost lights on their doors. Not only old, but some of the new cars still don’t have the same design solutions as Mercedes, for example. Thanks to the latest design innovations and technology progress, it’s more accessible, affordable and simpler than ever to implement these in your vehicle. All you need to do is a bit of research, on how to find the right lights and how to assemble everything the right way. Is assembling special lights a complicated process?

Is uniqueness important?


Visual customization of cars is present and popular since the first car has been invented. It doesn’t come as a surprise that so many people want to drive visually unique vehicles. Aesthetically pleasing and updated according to the latest innovations, greatly designed cars are always something special, whether their owners are tuning enthusiasts, gadgets lovers or they simply want to give their car a personal touch.

Why having custom door lights on your car doors?

It doesn’t always have to be something that stands out from the crowd and draws attention on the street. It can be a subtle change, a good detail that can easily make a big difference and more importantly, provide car owners with a different experience. In case you haven’t heard about custom car door lights, those are specific products that are being added to your car doors, and when you open the door, they project anything of your choice, on the ground. It can be a logo, a picture, certain letters or anything you like seeing everyday. This allows you to customize your doors and welcome your passengers in an interesting and captivating way. Not only that, you’ll have a great portion of light at night, right in front of you and your feet, whether you’re entering or exiting the car. But not all door lights are simple to use and assemble. Some of them require drilling, wires and power outlets. However, you should go for the wireless and battery powered LED ones that can easily be attached to the doors of your choice, with no need to prep or hire a mechanic. On CarLEDLogo you can find numerous ideas for your light projector, including car brand logos, NBA, NFL or football logos, or some universal theme logos such as Captain America or VIP. Choosing the logo you like is the first step toward making your car look cool and fresh.

How to add ghost lights for car doors?


Wireless, battery powered LED lights are both affordable and easy to implement. Not only that, they are working perfectly with any car brand, or model. Since it’s not something you see everyday, your passengers can easily get surprised by what they see, so that’s why these lights are oftentimes called ghost lights. Why not create the wow effect if you have the opportunity? The installation is quite simple and can be done in a few easy steps. It all goes down to attaching the light housing to the 3M tap and pointing the light toward the spot you want. In other words — it’s just a peel and stick process. For your convenience, you should also put a magnetic strip on the inner door sill. Other than that, you have to take care of the batteries like you would for any other battery supplied device. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

Do light projectors on your doors work all the time?

They work as much as you want them to. This means that they are automatically turned on and off, depending on the door movement. When you open the door, they start to work their magic. When the doors are closed, they are resting too. This is very convenient since it makes your battery life last longer, saves energy and gives your vehicle a special flare at night. The lights and the pictures are bright and visually appealing, which is one of the most important things for new buyers and old owners.

What do you get by adding ghost lights to your car doors? Final thoughts.


We’ve already mentioned some of the benefits of having these lights on your vehicle doors. The important ones to mention are most certainly the affordability and the great simplicity of installing. Thousands of car owners around the world are already using these products and are happy with the results. Other than the practical benefits, which include some extra light in the nights when you need to see where you’re stepping and an almost free ad for your business right under your door, these lighting fixtures are fantastic conversation starters and attention grabbers. You can be completely sure that the moment your passengers see the logo or the picture you’ve chosen – they will start a chat, full of questions. Enhancing your car’s look and making it look better than ever is exactly what a small detail like this can do. Or maybe you just wanna let the world know you love Superman. That’s fine too. Simply choose the Superman logo and everyone who ever sees you in a parking lot, on the street, or anywhere else, will see your statement.

A small gadget like this is definitely worth trying, considering the price, the benefits and the visual adjustment it provides! Started Googling yet?

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