Overcoming Fear of Driving

When people get behind the wheels for the first time, there is a phobia of driving. This happens to the majority of first-timers. The fear of driving is called Vehophobia and it happens in varying degrees among people. What you are about reading will go all the way in helping people to easily overcome this fear of the unknown when they get behind the driver’s seat. Our exclusive will go all the way to settle the issues that come up during the process of driving that instills fear into people.

If you apply the tricks that you will read here, you are going to be your confident self even when you are behind the wheels. Here we go!


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We are going, to begin with, the mind because that is where it all starts. Your mindset will determine your success or otherwise while you are behind the steering wheel. It is important to ensure that you train your mind accordingly.
You must confront fear. Is the fear of accident that you are harboring worth it? How realistic is the occurrence of the phobia that you are harboring? If you take time to give an objective answer to your fears, you are going to realize that your fears have no basis in the first place. Until you train your mind to overcome fear, it will be impossible to achieve expected success behind the wheel.

Get an experienced person beside you

Now that you have overcome the fear of the unknown, if you are still having your doubts, then you can get an experienced person by your side that will give you the pep talk and directives which will pull you out of the cocoon of your shell. It’s like having a teacher in school, a helper with homework like here, to coach in the sport. It’s easier when someone guides you. Within a few weeks (depending on individual mindset); you are going to achieve the boldness to undertake short trips on your own. You can then easily progress from there to longer trips.

Training is important

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No matter what you read here, you will need training before you can get in terms with the professionalism that comes with driving. There are traffic rules to be obeyed; the road signs are there which you should be able to effectively interpret. If you are a student, you are going to get actual driving time during practical training sessions. The majority of what you need to know as a driver will be taught during this time of training. Training boosts knowledge on driving and it will raise the confidence level to some height.

Daytime driving

It is safer to drive during the daytime when visibility is very clear. When it comes to night driving; it is a different ball game. Students that are new to driving should take it one step at a time. It is important to master driving during the daytime before thinking about driving at night. You need to fully overcome nervousness behind the wheels before you venture into night driving.

The experienced drivers also show some degree of nervousness while they are behind the wheel. Nothing should be taken for granted. Drive only during the day for a start before venturing into night driver. Some category of people has poor sight at night. If you are in that category, it is strongly advised from this end that you forget about night driving. This will help in preventing the bigger issues.

No to discouragement

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There is a saying that if you fall off the back of a horse, then rises and get on top of the horse again. This should be the attitude to driving. The best among the professional drivers do have cases of accidents to contend with in their driving careers. When you encounter any accident behind the wheel (it can happen to anyone); rise from the dust of it and get back into the driver seat.

It is only people that come to the party with a never-say-die spirit that will achieve expected success behind the wheel. When you are conscious and drive with your mind, it will be difficult to encounter accidents behind the wheel.

Overcome the fear of highway driving

There is a category of people that find it find it difficult to drive on the highways. They are confident while driving on local roads, but when it comes to driving on the highway; the fear of the unknown is allowed to set in. There is no magic wand need to operate on the highways. The only difference between the highway and the local road is the larger number of vehicular traffic and higher number of cars on the highway. A large number of lanes will effectively take care of any accident cases that might rear their ugly heads.

Start with the quieter highways to have a feel of what it takes to achieve success. When you are confident in your driving on the quieter highways, you can now move to the major highways to enjoy the cruise of your life behind the wheel.


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Though music is seen as a distraction when you pass through lessons given through driving schools, it is not the truth in most cases. Do not pitch the music to high levels and make sure what you are listening to is relaxing music. It will relax your mood and give you the confidence to achieve the best behind the wheel.


When you have trained your mind in a way that overcomes non-existent fear, then you must come with a solid determination that says yes l can. Some people become instant hits the first time they get behind the wheels. This is a result of having a determination that they can do what others are doing on the road behind the wheel. All the technology that will guarantee your safety on the road has been included in the car you are driving. Accidents are out of the way if you obey the simple rules that guarantee safety. With a determined heart, you are going to achieve results that will make driving a success.

Final thoughts

The attributes above are required to achieve the best results when you are sitting behind the wheels of any automobile.

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