2018 Honda CR-Z Release date

One of the most successful Honda’s hot-hatches, CR-X, got its spiritual successor in the skin of the beautiful looking Honda CR-Z. But it was a failure, mainly because the hybrid CR-Z was just a pale mask of a hot-hatch. The sales numbers told the same story, and those were low, just around 1,000 sold over the world. From those reasons, Honda decided to discontinue the production of the CR-Z. But car fanatics think different, Honda CR-Z was only bad because of it hybrid drivetrain, it was not able to do perform like a hot hatch, and people wondered, what if CR-Z was equipped with some other engine? It would have potential to become a real CR-X successor. After all, it looks amazing. There are rumors that Honda decided to do just that. So, it looks like we will have a brand new 2018 Honda CR-Z.

1x1.trans 2018 Honda CR Z Release date

Exterior changes

Unlike the previous CR-Z, the new model will most probably be based on a Civic platform, which is very similar to the original CR-X. It is not confirmed yet, but the new CR-Z will most probably be a revisited version of the older model, with sharper lines, more modern light groups, some modern and eye-catching color palette and the outline will probably contain some details to remind of CR-X. There is nothing confirmed, no official renders of a car, but knowing Honda, it will be another beauty from the mid-range lineup.

1x1.trans 2018 Honda CR Z Release date

Difference between future and current model


Like the outside, the inside should be based on previous CR-Z. We do not expect simplicity from it, more likely it will be equipped with lots of buttons and switches, all digital instrument panel, showing everything you need to know while taking your hot hatch to the limits. Aluminum details on the steering wheel are likely to appear, sports pedals will also be aluminum, so as the gear lever. Everything it needs to give you the best drive experience.

The interior of the current model

2018 Honda CR-Z engine and specs

The new 2018 Honda CR-Z will most probably be offered in two engine variants. The one for the European and USA markets will almost certainly be the same as the one powering Honda Civic Type R. The offered powerplant is the 2 liters in-line 4 CYL, VTEC petrol engine, producing something about 300 horses and 290 LB-FT of torque. The new car will most probably remain front-wheel drive, and the power from the engine will be transferred to the wheels by the six-speed manual transmission, which will come as standard.

Since the new car will be for the 200 pounds lighter than the previous model, the expected 0-60 MPH time is estimated at about 5,5 seconds, a top speed will certainly be over 140 MPH. All this makes one really hot hatchback made for the drivers to enjoy every moment of the ride. One more proof of Honda’s goal to be enjoyable is the very fact that 2018 CR-Z will be manual transmission front wheel drive, which will actually make it slower than the rivals, but the drive itself will be better experienced.

Release date and price

The new car is expected to released next year, with the starting price of some $30,000, which places the 2018 CR-Z in the higher price range of hot-hatches.

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