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All the bikers out there are aware that the Honda Gold Wing is basically an ultra-functional icon of long-distance luxury touring. With its comfort levels that are beyond incredible, massive storage capacity and a huge amount of time that is needed to bleed it tank dry is just a part of what attracts bikers to this two-wheeled gem. With 2018 model Honda tried to, not only attract the millennials, but pique the interest of those on the leading edge of Gen X and to do just that it made a 2018 Honda Gold Wing that is now a lot lighter when it comes to weight, more compact, and more tech advanced motorcycle than any on the market.

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Ok, let’s start from the top. The 2018 will be around 90 pounds lighter than its predecessor and the Honda achieved that by lightening the frame and rear swing arm, then there is nearly 14 pounds taken from the engine alone. Besides the weight loss it got a lot leaner, meaning some much narrower hips that will contribute to the overall look of the bike. The new design is clean, sharp and a huge breakthrough when you compare it to the old bike. The gas tank has been slimmed down from the previous 25 to now 21 liters but that doesn’t mean less driving distance, no! Thanks to a new engine the 2018 Honda Gold Wing offers 42.2 MPG (old had 35 MPG) which means that the maximum range is the same.

The cargo

This is a different story. Due to the new improvements you will have a lot less space than before. If you opt for the Gold Wing Tour that has panniers and the top trunk the total capacity you will have at your disposal will be reduced to 110 liters which is a lot less than before. For most this might be a problem, but for those who can pack more efficiently this will not be a setback, especially since all the new boxes use a central locking system where you can unlock them simply by walking up to the bike with the key and they will all open with the push of a flush-mounted button, pivoting downward smoothly on hydraulic dampers. Neat new trick isn’t it.

Cargo space in new Honda Gold Wing

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When it comes to the tech department you will be graced with Central locking and passive keyless entry which are still an unknown for most motorcycles. There is also an option where you can equip your 2018 Gold Wing with additional LED puddle lights that illuminate the ground around the bike as you approach, but that is not important as the things that happen when you sit on the bike. Yes, the sitting will unveil the new adaptive suspension front and rear cycles between comfortable and sport as you roll through the bike’s four riding modes: Rain, Economical, Touring and Sport. Each and one of these modes offer the same power, but the throttle, traction control and DCT (if equipped) offer something different and extraordinary in every mod that is hard to explain. You simply have to feel it in order to get what we are saying. You probably caught that part about the DCT and yes, the 2018 Gold Wing will offer the seven-speed dual clutch transmission that is simply remarkable. There is a “down side” to it though, it costs a $1.000 to have the very enjoyable DCT.

Since this is tech part of things, it would be crazy to skip pass the things like standard ABS, hill-start control and navigation. But what is bigger than everything so far is the inclusion of Apple CarPlay. This feature is, for the first time ever, been included on a two-wheeler thanks to a 7-inch LCD in the center of the new Gold Wing’s dashboard. You can connect your phone via the via USB and pair your Bluetooth headset to the bike and instantly you will see the very familiar CarPlay interface on the dash in front of you. The CarPlay works extremely well and it can be controlled either over the four-way controller on the left grip or a central, rotary controller down on the tank.

2018 Honda Gold Wing engine

The pretty much only thing that “remained” the same is the engine. It is still a flat-6 that displaces 1,833 cc but it is also been redesigned to become lighter, smaller in size, and to offer improved fuel economy which we already mentioned previously. Bore was reduced by 1 mm, and stroke has been increased by 2 mm for square 73.0 x 73.0 mm cylinder dimensions. New high-strength steel alloy allows for a thinner crank webs and less distance between each cylinder, which combines with other internal upgrades resulting in an engine that is now 29 mm shorter end to end. Honda managed to switch from a two-valve to four-valve which is a lot more efficient but unfortunately adds weight, and still remain lighter both with manual and DCT transmission than the bike’s predecessor. Thanks to having a lot lighter engine tied to an improved performance and 11.8% more aerodynamic design easily brings you a 20% increase in fuel economy. Thank you, Honda!


The 2018 Honda Gold Wing starts at $23.500 for a manual and trunkless trim, while the Gold Wing Tour will cost you $26.700, plus another $1.000 to get the DCT.

Source: www.motorcycle.com


The 2018 Honda Gold Wing is a huge leap forward and that can’t be disputed. It will bring a remarkable change and refreshment from the ongoing model that, truth be told, actually isn’t in that much hurry to be updated. Yes, it has a relaxed approach to the touring mindset which makes it dangerously close to being obsolete, especially in the market that is becoming more and more demanding as the time passes, but it still has a lot to offer.

The 2018 Gold Wing is a lot more engaging and appealing especially to those out there who like to ride powerfully, it is safer and reassuring for those who like security when riding and it is still as comfortable as it ever was. When you pair everything said with the definitely excellent DCT than you have something that is extraordinary by any standard.

Read more on this site. https://powersports.honda.com/2018/gold-wing.aspx

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