2018 Honda CB650F Price

The CB650F has been available since 2014 but the bike is actually based on the older CB600F. Its frame as well as its suspension setup are roughly the same to those on the original bike. Luckily though, things have been improved by quite a bit in the past few years. In fact a few months ago the 2018 Honda CB650F has been presented which features a lot of upgrades over its predecessor. The engine should provide more power now while the bike should also be better to drive.

Running gear

Just like its predecessor, the 2018 Honda CB650F has the same 57 inches wheelbase as before. Also, the seat height is slightly less than 32 inches which is great for a daily bike. Also, with a total weight of just around 450 pounds when fully loaded, it should be easier to manage than most other bikes on the market. The big change over its predecessor is both the suspension system and the brakes. The CB650F boasts a new Showa fork with fixed dampers. These should give the rider more confidence as they should handle bumps with more ease than before. The preload on the shock’s spring can be changed though which is reassuring to know. The front brakes are still 320 mm twin-discs while in the back a 240 mm single disc is being used. This time around Honda added new two-piston calipers in the front which should give the rider more feedback than before. Also, as standard the bike comes with dual-channel ABS which was previously an option.

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2018 Honda CB650F engine

In order to give its rider a great experience, the CB650F boasts a really impressive engine for this price point. It has a 649cc 16V naturally aspirated inline-four engine. This is a fully injected unit boasting 32mm throttle bodies with the help of which it will provide up to 90 horsepower, slightly more than the previous year. This has been possible thanks to the revised intake system and the different exhaust. The latter should offer a better sound while allowing the engine to breathe easier. With a fuel consumption of up to 59.3 MPG on average, the bike will be able to offer as much as 190 miles of range which is definitely more than enough for its class. Also, despite offering most of its power high on the rev-range, the engine has been tweaked in order to offer most of its torque at less than 5,000 RPM. This makes it ideal for those looking to get the bike for commuting or just joy-riding at regular road speeds.

Design and chassis

The CB650F is a naked motorbike which basically means it has roughly the same chassis as the high performance CBR but without all the fairing on it. This means it is lighter and thanks to a different riding position, much easier to use. In fact the CB has to be one of the easier bikes to commute on as it is not only light but also efficient and more than just fast enough.

1x1.trans 2018 Honda CB650F Price

Even though not so obvious, the design of the 2018 Honda CB650F has been slightly changed over that of its predecessor. In fact the front end now features a different headlight as well as new fairings around it. The end result should be slightly less wind-noise than before and also better viewing for the rider. Optional extras will definitely include a windshield, as one is not available as stock, and more than likely an upgraded headlight, possibly with LED turn-signals which were not available up to this point.

Release date ans price

Speaking about the release date, new 2018 Honda CB650F will hit the market in August and the price will be around $8,700.

Read more on thsi site. http://powersports.honda.com/2018/cb650f.aspx

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