2018 Honda Pilot Price

Since it was introduced in 2002, Honda Pilot is one of the favorite SUV-s on the market. Primarily aimed for North America, the Pilot is largest of Honda’s SUV-s, designed for the best comfort and drive experience. In common words, Pilot is, in fact, CR-V’s bigger and stronger brother. But for this new generation company decided to do something different. New 2018 Honda Pilot will be introduced with shorter wheelbase and will feature two rows of seats, unlike the current model which posses three rows of seats. But let’s read what more we can expect from this amazing SUV.

1x1.trans 2018 Honda Pilot Price

2018 Honda Pilot Changes

As it was previously mentioned new Pilot will lose on the length and will have the shorter wheelbase. So everyone who were unsatisfied with size of current model, can now chose the mini option. Although the new 2018 Pilot will share the same platform with Acura MDX, Acura sedans and Odyssey minivan, it will look a bit less trucky and less boxy than before. Sharp lines for the fascia, huge grill, dominant headlights have become Honda’s standard for the upcoming models. The new model will also feature the same 18-inch alloy wheels and as before those will perfectly sit on this SUV. Meanwhile, the ground clearance is in fact pretty low for an SUV counting just 185 mm. The same moonroof and power tailgate are included again. LED running lights will probably come as standard.
1x1.trans 2018 Honda Pilot Price
1x1.trans 2018 Honda Pilot Price

Interior design

Even though the car will lose in length  and will have two row of seats, new Pilot will not lose all those comfort and will still make you feel like you are in the plane. Instead of eight people, this new version will have enough room for five passenger. Overall controls, steering wheel, and the dashboard will remain similar to the previous model, which is great in fact because previous models have a lot of fans when it comes to those features. The new infomercial system, including audio and NAVI systems, will be the best so far, as we are used to when it comes to Japanese vehicles. Simplicity and functionality would be two words to describe Pilot’s indoor space, which is good also, after all, it is an SUV vehicle.
1x1.trans 2018 Honda Pilot Price

Cameras are back. The new Pilot will again feature cameras in the back of the car. Safety features are revisited and now we have better parking sensors, and all bunch of electronics which will make a ride safe, as it is comfortable.

Engine and specs

When it comes to powerplant Honda will offered just one engine, so the new Pilot will be powered by a 3,5l V6 engine which will produce up to 280 HP of power. The only vary is the engine for the Asian market which will be a bit weaker with 250 HP. Pair this to the six-speed automatic transmission and you get one very strong vehicle. Rumor says that there will be another transmission offered, a nine-speed automatic, which could also come as standard on some variants of a new Pilot. However, there is no official confirmation on this.
1x1.trans 2018 Honda Pilot Price
Depending on the trim, you can choose between Front-wheels drive and All-wheels drive modes. Again, there is a variant for the Asian market which will feature a six-speed transmission and all-wheels drive only.

Release date and price

Well, considering all the previous versions, the new Pilot will probably become available at the end of 2018, and most probably in September. If we take into consideration that current model cost $30,595 and the two-row CR-V starts at $24,045, we can assume that this new 2018 Honda Pilot should be somewhere between those two prices.

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