Upcoming Honda Prologue | What To Expect In 2024

Every day, electricity is getting cheaper, and fuels are getting more expensive; this is why many automobile manufacturers are converting to all-electric vehicles.

After Tesla’s success in EVs, manufacturers like Ford, Hyundai, and Kia have jumped into the electric vehicle market. And now Honda is just on the edge of releasing their first all-electric vehicle, Honda Prologue.

It is predicted to be launched in the first quarter of 2024, at the price range of $40000- $50000 for base models. There will be three variants: EX, Touring, and Elite.

The Honda Prologue could shake the market with its anticipated EPA range rating; with a full battery, it can cover 300 miles with quick charging and a reliable motor.

Only time will tell what this car will achieve in 2024; based on its interior space, exterior shape and aesthetic, and electric efficient motor, this might shake the whole fuel-consuming SUVs and CUVs market, mainly because of its price range.

Sleek Exterior Design

Engineers at Honda Design Studio designed the exterior of the Honda Prologue; its neo-rugged styling reflects simplicity and cleanliness, setting a new standard for SUVs. They utilize virtual reality to make it appealing, sporty, and low weight for low electricity consumption.

The low and wide design features sleek horizontal lines and a capable, planted stance.

The Prologue allows drivers to make a statement on the road, available in seven eye-catching exterior colors, including the nature-inspired North Shore Pearl. The introduction of 21-inch wheels, the largest ever offered on a Honda, adds a touch of boldness and complements the overall design.

The tires are not public yet, but there are chances that the Honda Prologue will come with specific EV tires. Certainly, they would go with the Bridgestone Turanza EV or Pirelli P Zero AS Plus Elect, which are by far the best in the EV tires category.

The Honda prologue exterior design, aesthetics, and colors will make it stand out compared to older SUVS, and every detail reflects Honda’s dedication to crafting a visually striking and performance-oriented SUV.

Cutting-Edge Interior

The interior design of the Prologue is clean and aesthetic, reminiscent of the Honda CR-V, HR-V, and Honda Pilot. However, the prologue is wider and has more seating space compared to other Honda SUVs.

The steering column-mounted shifter, Clever Center Console, and pocket-type wireless smartphone charger are some of the features that bring modernity to this new car while also coming in handy and safe space inside the vehicle.

Thoughtful ergonomics with the rear seat featuring two recline angles ensure the driver reaches everything and both the passenger and driver achieve a comfortable and smooth driving experience.

Trims and Features of Different Variants

Distinctive EX Features: The Prologue EX trim boasts cloth upholstery and 19-inch wheels, providing a comfortable and stylish entry point to the lineup. Price ranges from $48000-$55000

Premium Touring Upgrades: Moving up to the Touring trim introduces premium elements such as leather seating surfaces, a memory driver seat, and advanced safety features. Price ranges from $55000-$67000

Elite Luxury: The Prologue Elite trim offers a luxury experience with perforated leather, front ventilated seats, a heated steering wheel, Sport driving mode, and bold 21-inch wheels. Price ranges from $68000-$75000

Green Initiatives

The EPA of Prologue makes it an environmentally friendly car, with 300 miles on one charge is exceptional. The DC fast charging capability and power-saving battery ensure convenient and efficient charging and reduce downtime on the road.

The regenerative braking technology is another step toward a greener future; whenever you press the brake, the energy produced will convert into charging or stabilizing the motor’s battery, resulting in a highly efficient battery performance.

There are multiple charging options for the prologue drivers; due to its easily accessible charging capabilities, you can charge it in your home charging stations, through portable kits, and public charging credits for new drivers.

Through Honda Home Electrification, Prologue owners gain access to dedicated installers. The Honda Prologue is the first step toward Honda’s plan of  Emission-free driving and production by 2040.

With sustainable development, eco-friendly rides, premium aesthetics, and comfortable and affordable rides, this Honda Prologue can be another big thing in the 2024 automobile market.

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