The Top Qualities You Need to Look for in Your Next Minivan

When your goal is to move as many people or as much stuff as you can, there’s still no beating the minivan as a vehicle of choice. If you have a big family, active kids who love to do sports, arts, or other extracurriculars that use a lot of equipment or take up a lot of room in your vehicle, or you’re the queen of carpooling, a minivan is still one of the best vehicles for families on-the-go.

Although many shoppers have been shifting toward SUVs and crossovers over the years, minivans tend to have better access to all three rows of seating than three-row SUVs, thanks to their wide, sliding doors. Most models can comfortably seat up to eight people, and they come with seating/cargo flexibility that allows you to adjust your vehicle according to your needs. The minivan remains the gold standard for families because it does it all.

As you start your search, keep an eye out for the qualities that can really make a minivan stand out.

1. Brand


Brand means a lot when it comes to vehicles. Not all minivans are made equally, and they can shine when it comes to different features. For example, the Toyota Sienna is known for its fuel efficiency, but when it comes to overall features, the 2024 Honda Odyssey was ranked the top minivan.

Rankings and quality can vary from year to year, but a Honda van is generally a great value purchase if you’re looking at used models from previous years, too.

2. Price

Your budget will dictate what exactly you can get when it comes to extra creature comforts and features. One of the best ways to get more for your money is buying used through a private seller. The main thing you need to worry about is making sure you get the car inspected before you make that purchase.

3. Technology


Minivan buyers know the importance of high-tech entertainment features. When you’re stuck in traffic on your way to the cottage, your life is going to be a lot easier with some quality infotainment. Modern infotainment features include things like Wireless Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa “Car to Home,” backseat TV screens for the kids, and more. Features like these can make those long drives infinitely easier.

4. Safety

With a family vehicle, safety is always a top priority. One of the top safety features to look for is an advanced driver assistance system, which includes things like Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Warning, and other crash-avoidance technology.

Beyond the tech side of things, make sure you check out a van’s crash test ratings and other safety-centric reviews.

5. Engine and Fuel Economy


Big families can require big budgets, and you need to do the best you can to keep your spending under control. Fuel economy is one of the better ways to keep the lid on ongoing driving costs long after you’ve purchased your vehicle.

Buying a hybrid can take your fuel savings to the next level, even helping you offset the cost of buying the vehicle in the first place.

A minivan is a practical and comfortable choice for big and busy families.

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