2020 Honda Odyssey – what it will bring?

A lot of people have been expecting the coming of 2020 Honda Odyssey that they tried to find each and every possible detail about it. It goes without saying that the manufacturer would put a lot of effort in order to make this unit appealing to the vast array of potential customers but also to make it very safe and thus reliable in driving.

2020 Honda Odyssey Exterior

The first thing that the manufacturer decided to do about this model is to make it a bit lighter. Apart from this, the manufacturer has also decided to make some changes in terms of the fender with the grille being completely redesigned. In order to make it more attractive and competitive on the market, the manufacturer decided to make this car available in several different exterior colors. Also, the unit would have five doors, including the tuck door. The cargo area would be amazing and very spacious, being thus perfect for longer travels of the entire family. There are some predictions that the seating capacity of the unit would be up to ten people. There is also the prediction that the manufacturer would also use light-emitting diodes to make the exterior design even better. Furthermore, the latest LED technology would be used for both headlights and taillights.


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A lot of attention would be paid to the interior design in terms of making it very comfortable and modern. First of all, the unit would have a dashing dashboard that would be made from the top quality materials and plastic. It would also be in dual color. Furthermore, there would also be a lot of controls on the dashboard, and when they are on during the nighttime the effect would be perfect. There would be actually two screens. The one for monitoring the condition of the unit and the road and the other would be for the infotainment system. In order to make the car even more comfortable, top quality leather would be used for seats and upholstery. Also, there would be adjustable front seats and there would also be heating in the driver’s seat. The legroom and headspace would be more than enough even when the car is completely full.


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The manufacturer would also pay a lot of attention to the overall safety of the vehicle and its passengers. This is why there would be a lot of safety features included. First of all, there would be a lot of airbags all over the vehicle. Then, to increase safety, there would also be not only rare mirrors but there would also be keep lane assists. In order to detect and thus prevent collisions, there would also be a collision alert. In order to park it safely, and not to worry, there would also be a park assist included.

The engine

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All these features have been nicely paired with a very good engine option. More precisely, the manufacturer has decided to go for a 3.5 liter engine that would also be a V-6 engine. The engine would be extremely powerful and it would be capable of providing 275 horsepower and using 250 lb-ft of torque. The manufacturer decided to pair this engine with the transmission that would have six speeds. The car would be made to be fuel efficient and it is expected that the fuel consumption would be 21mpg when driving in a city and 32mpg when driving on the highway. There are some possibilities that the manufacturer would also provide some other engine options but that would be known upon the presentation of the unit.

2020 Honda Odyssey Release date

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There has been a lot of discussion about the release date of 2024 Honda Odyssey and it was speculated that it could even be presented as a 2019 model, however this did not happen. The official debut of the unit is expected during the middle of 2019 and the production would start soon afterwards. This would practically mean that the unit would be available for sales during the end of 2019 or beginning of 2024.


Since we are talking about the model that we have not presented, we do not know anything about the prices of it. There are just some predictions that the base price would be at about 40K USD.

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