Common Highway Construction Trucks

In highway building sites, a powerful group of equipment is tasked with the critical task of constructing the transportation arteries. Common highway construction vehicles stand out as hidden heroes, tirelessly shaping the landscapes we travel through.
From the tough dump trucks that move the weight of mountains to the tough asphalt pavers that provide the basis for smooth highways, these vehicles embody resilience and efficiency. Engineered with accuracy and constructed to last, they defy the harsh demands of heavy-duty labor while maintaining safety and precision.
Each vehicle has a specific purpose, effortlessly collaborating to complete the complicated ballet of road building.
These trucks, with their roaring engines and massive presence, become the visible manifestations of development, establishing roads that connect communities and help march towards a more accessible world.
So, today we will look at some of the common trucks utilized when a highway is constructed.

Five Common Highway Construction Trucks


Numerous trucks are used for construction purposes, like crane trucks or cement mixer trucks but not all the trucks are useful when constructing a highway. Below are the five constructions trucks that are suitable for constructing a highway.

Concrete Mixer Truck

Concrete is one of the most essential materials that is used to make a highway. The topmost layer of the road is a concrete slab.

However, concrete is not easy to transport, the primary reason being that concrete begins to harden as time passes. If the concrete is mixed at a location and then transported to the site, it will harden and will not be useful.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not used at the site directly, but the cement is loaded beforehand. Inside the truck, there is a spiral blade that keeps rotating and mixing the concrete repeatedly. This allows the concrete to be in a fluid state and prevents hardening.

Truck Cranes


Although there are different types of truck cranes, such as Knuckle boom cranes, Long boom cranes, Hydraulic cranes, etc., the role of a truck crane is to lift heavy construction material and transport it.

The truck crane can transport any load over both horizontal and vertical paths. They are highly efficient when the highways are being constructed as a bridge.

Dump Truck

Also known as a tipper truck or a dumper, this truck has an open-box bed. It comes with hydraulic-powered rams that help in dumping things.

When the construction of a highway is going on, there is a lot of debris like gravel, demolition waste, etc.

This debris is easily loaded in the dumper truck and then dumped at a dumping site reserved for the purpose. So, if you want to get this type of construction truck for your project, visit

Roll-Off trucks

A roll-off truck is similar to a dump truck but still is different. The difference is that the roll-off truck is the rear end. The rear end of the roll-off truck has rollers that can be moved back and forth.

Also, when it comes to the quantity, roll-off trucks have a larger space to collect the debris. Hence the number of trips to the dumping ground is substantially reduced.

Water Truck


When construction is in progress, there is dust and small granules that get diffused. Although after a while, it settles down, it can be a health hazard for people who are working on-site. It can also cause interruption by settling on other machinery and causing them to stop.

Hence, a water truck is used to suppress the dirt and dust so that the construction is not interrupted. Moreover, it is also utilized to eliminate dust onto unsealed roads to increase overall strength.


Construction trucks have been construction work simpler, especially when it comes to the construction of highways.

The simultaneous use of the construction trucks like the truck crane, cement mixer truck, or dump truck makes the construction uninterrupted so that the project can be completed at a much faster rate.

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