6 Best LED Headlights For Trucks (2024 Top Picks)

Driving requires lighting, therefore your truck headlights must be functioning properly. If the lights are faint or not functioning properly, they can lead to traffic accidents.

When using lights, especially at night, you must take precautions because they determine whether or not you will be safe.

To help you decide which brands to look into, this article will give you a list of the top LED truck headlights currently on the market. These truck LED headlights will undoubtedly assist you in driving securely at night when vision is less than optimum for cars without their headlamps on.

Best LED Headlights for Trucks: Top Picks

1. Torchbeam 2005-2006 Toyota Tundra Double Cab Headlight Assembly

Extremely clear lenses that are dust- and weather-resistant. Water-resistant to IP65 standards, with vent holes designed into the housing to prevent moisture and fogging issues.

The specifications are exactly as per the manufacturer’s design. It is perfect as per aftermarket standards. However, we will advise you to hire a professional installer or see some installation tutorial videos.

You can return safely to your family’s house with the help of good headlights. Our dependable headlamp assembly provides better visibility and road illumination, giving you more time to respond and making driving safer.

When your headlight assembly is stained or discolored, the look becomes very shoddy and unsightly. A new headlight assembly will update an outdated truck’s appearance. You can go to this online store for these high quality headlights for trucks.


  • Complete secured heavy-duty enclosures have an IP65 water resistance rating and built of the light is also of superior Grade ABS plastic. This offers outstanding weather resistance. Also gives long-term durability.
  • Complete replacement for Hardware components


  • There are no bulbs included in the package

2. SEALIGHT 2009-2014 Ford F-150 Headlight Assembly

SEALIGHT from SuncentAuto make you see farther and more clearly in the dark thanks to a special micro-prism and reflecting bowl design.

When visibility is poor or throughout the day, the DRL will draw attention to your vehicle and secure your safety while driving. This will allow you to travel anywhere with your family and live a happy life.

If your old headlight system is discolored or oxidized, it can even reduce the brightness of your headlamps and make them look shabby and ugly. A brand-new headlight assembly will give your car a fresh, modern appearance.


  • Easy Installation. You might have to watch some videos that can help you to perform the installation.
  1. Fogging and leakage problems are avoided due to the waterproof case material. It is sealed perfectly to avoid any moisture.


  • H13 bulbs are not included. You will have to purchase it separately.

3. Sakeye Pair of 2PCS Rectangular 7-by-6 LED Headlights

The device is made to be simple to install and provide a powerful, secure, and consistent light source for your automobile or truck.

In addition to providing functionality, they also feature a stylish design with dark chrome plating and a teardrop-shaped lens that seamlessly complements the appearance of any vehicle.


  • Comes with a fantastic 2-year warranty, so there’s no need for you to worry about its durability because you know that if anything goes wrong during the period covered, it will be fixed or replaced.
  • Installation is simple and just takes a few minutes in your car.


  • Because of the average power usage, if you’re looking for something more low-power, this might not be the ideal option for your car.

4. 7×6 Led Headlights with YDA H6054 LEDs

Light up your vehicle. While conserving energy and money, give yourself the cutest eyes on the road. You’ll be able to see well for 10–20 miles in front of you with the help of these headlights.

These headlights produce better visibility than halogen bulbs, making them ideal for driving at night or in foggy conditions. These are good not only for cars but for trucks as well.


  • If you can use these lights regularly, they will last a very long time because of their incredibly high lifespan.
  • These headlights won’t rust easily in your vehicle’s damp environment thanks to the PMMA lens body’s resistance to most chemicals or corrosion.


  • There is no clue of how long each light will survive, despite the incredible lifespan.

5. DIYNP H6054 Rectangle Hi/Lo Headlights

Never again will you have to put up with the limits of a worn-out set of headlights while driving at night through foggy motorways or while making your way home from work in torrential rain and snow.

DIYNP stands for high quality with little work and reasonable costs. Let’s go for the top spot! See what other people are saying about these headlights by reading our product reviews.


  • Comes with an incredibly high brightness level that is controllable by low or high beams, allowing you to decide how much light you want in different circumstances.
  • These are perfect for usage on your truck because they are robust and energy-saving while being five times brighter and ten times more efficient than halogen bulbs.


  • There is no estimate of the lifespan of each LED.

6. Truckmall 5×7 7×6 inch LED Headlights

TruckMall’s LED headlights are ideal whether you’re searching for a light to complement the appearance of your car or an improvement from the original headlights. The anti-flicker technology we use prevents these lights from glaring and blinding other drivers.

The pricing of these headlights is their best feature. You won’t regret making this buy because of how reasonably priced it is and the benefits they provide in terms of toughness, effectiveness, brightness, and style.


  • You can keep the lights on without worrying about their brightness blinding other drivers thanks to anti-flicker technology.
  • There is a warranty included with the product.


  • Like such a floodlight


Due to the nature of their activity, a vehicle used for farming, construction, logging, etc. needs high-power LED lights because they are typically required to function at night due to time constraints and convenience.

However, as trucks are primarily used for transportation, there are LED lights made just for them so that one doesn’t have to worry about anything connected to driving comfort!

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