2020 Honda CR-V Changes

New 2020 Honda CR-V has been announced and many people are waiting to see what it would have from the options and features and how different it would be from the last upgraded model.


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The last time we saw 2024 Honda CR-V redesigned was in 2017 when the unit got completely new changes not only in exterior and interior designs, but also in the designs of the engine. The 2024 would not be significantly different from the 2017 design, but there would be some changes that would give some kind of refreshed look of the model. First of all, the manufacturer decided to go for a completely new nose and it would also have a chrome grille. The headlights and taillights would be also new and redesigned. Regarding the size, it is surely longer and wider than the previous model and this all lead to the creation of more legroom and headspace.


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When we are talking about the interior of the unit, we should mention that the best materials would be used for it as well as the best infotainment system. This system would have a screen of five inches and the unit would also have some other characteristics and features such s power windows and locks. The modern technologies would include Bluetooth. There would also be navigation and many more.


There would also be a powertrain with turbo charging but the manufacturer has decided to keep the standard 2.4 liter engine that has four cylinders. This base engine variant has the capacity of providing 184 horsepower and using 180 lb-ft of torque. There are another engine options available, and they include 1.5 liter engine that would be the power of 190 horses and 179 lb-ft of torque. The engines would be paired with the four-wheel drive and they would also have variable transmission. Here, we should mention extremely good crash-prevention tests and results of this unit. And the manufacturer has also decided to go for the emergency braking.

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Release date

Until now, we have not received any information regarding the release date of this unit. However, there are some indications that the unit would be available in the autumn of 2019.


We can give the price on the basis of the estimates since we are talking about a car which was not even presented and released. So, the price range of this unit would be between 25K and 35K USD.

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