Is It Worth Renting a Car in Dubai?

The Emirates is one of the most impressive countries in the world, and Dubai is situated right in its heart. Where else can you see such an amazing fusion of luxury and technology: the tallest building in the world – the 828-meter Burj Khalifa skyscraper, the giant shark aquarium Dubai Aquarium, traditional just like in the Aladdin cartoon, the Al-Bahar bazaar, and the usual police patrol driving some of the most luxurious cars such as a Lamborghini or Ferrari?

Whether you are on holiday or living in the UAE, rental cars provide much-needed flexibility and convenience. The world-class infrastructure that Dubai has to offer can only be truly experienced with the help of a car, and you can’t do a lot when on foot. You can rent a car depending on your budget, preferences, and requirements.

Dubai is just made for drivers – the roads are perfect, and gas prices are pleasant. Dubai may not seem very convenient for a backpacker, but on a rental car, you will catch the rhythm of this city and get the most out of it. The transport infrastructure in Dubai is excellent and most parts of the city can be reached within 20-30 minutes.

If you come to Dubai on a business trip, and you need to solve work issues, you will need a car to get to meetings with partners and any other events on time. As a businessperson, you may want to rent a stylish car to impress customers and maintain your image of wealth and success. For you, it will be perfect to ride through the streets of Dubai in the most luxurious car. It is your perfect opportunity to check out and enjoy their luxurious models and a ton of different cars at your disposal.


The roads of Dubai have been improved, the government has decided to add new lanes and highways in order to avoid traffic jams.

Many tourists tend to go for rental cars to experience the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai to its fullest. But if you do not want a high-end vehicle, you are welcome to choose something else to your liking. Apart from expensive sports cars, we also offer a wide range of SUVs and economical vehicles that are ideal for exploring the sights of Dubai. For tourists, it is quite convenient to rent a car in order to ensure your independence in movement, not to rely on guides or someone else’s transport. With a car, you plan your trip yourself: whether to go to the beach or to neighboring emirates, you can choose any activity that you may prefer.

It is quite easy to find a nice parking spot throughout Dubai. The city has many open, roadside, and underground parking lots. Parking spaces on the streets are marked with special road signs. Payment is approximately 2 AED / hour, the special machines only accept coins. The received receipt must be placed under the windshield so that it is clearly visible from the outside. The fine for incorrect or unpaid parking is 150 AED. The parking system is quite easy to understand because it is made with your best interest in mind.

Street parking is generally free from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m.


Besides, it is crucial to remember that roadside parking meters must be used on certain streets. The driver is responsible for paying parking fees and any fines.

The quality and infrastructure of roads in Dubai are among the best in the world. The number of multi-level overpasses and roundabouts, sometimes very complex, is impressive. At large intersections, there are special lanes along which you can make a right turn around the traffic lights. Yellow markings at the intersection indicate that if a traffic jam has formed behind it, then you cannot enter it even with a green light.

Almost all road signs are duplicated in English and are located in the immediate vicinity of road junctions and intersections, so you will be able to understand where you are quite easy. Everything in the city is made for the pleasure and convenience of those who live there or choose to travel in Dubai. You will get many chances to see the real city life using a car.

Top 4 Reasons To Consider Renting A Car


  1. Good price point: you will not pay a ton of money and you will make it worth it. Exploring a new city or a new country with your preferred whip is a fun experience, perfect for individual travels or big groups of friends and families. You can get a great deal for your big family and the sooner you book it. Once you do the math you will see that a car is not a splurge, but actually a necessity and a money-saving option.
  1. You get to see it all: move easily from one city to the other with the right car. You will need a vehicle if you wish to see all the parts of the UAE. No reason to book a cab, use the bus, or a bike: you are in full control of your rental! Move whenever or however you want. No need to watch out for tickets, arrival times, or departure times. Just find a garage or a parking spot and enjoy their minimal prices, yet your own schedule.
  1. Comfy & safe: renting a car in Dubai offers so much more comfort than the public transportation systems. If you wish to avoid crowded spaces and uncomfy trips, consider hitting the road in your own whip! Everything is so well-done and the roads are massive, leaving you with a feeling of confidence when out and about. As long as you have your driver’s license with you they will welcome you and help you sort out your car.
  1. You get to try out a new car: if you ever wondered about a specific car or a new model, now might be a good time to explore it. You will get a chance to drive your favorite Mazda, Range Rover, Audi, you name it! This way you will also get a first-hand experience and an insight into what the car and its engine are like, perfect for those who wish to buy a new whip.

Ready for Dubai!

You will have a ton of fun, it all comes down to making the right decision and planning your trip ahead. Take all of these tips into consideration and be prepared for an awesome holiday, doesn’t matter if you plan on going solo or with your friends and family.

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