5 Cars Your Girlfriend is Sure to Like as a Gift

What car should I give to my girlfriend for her birthday? This question is the one from which many men suffer quite often. Obviously, you don’t buy cars as gifts every year, but still, it is a big decision since you cannot really talk to her about it because this sort of gift should come unexpectedly. It is overall a very risky thing to do that has just been in our culture for a long time. Just imagine that you’ve spent a lot of money on it, like, a lot, and then you see the disappointment on her face when she finally sees the car. Whether the color or the shape isn’t right, or it’s too big, or too small, she may not like some certain thing, especially if she is a picky person.

So before you ever go for such a risky decision, consider that some people get huge bouquets of flowers; some get a food processor, which is not a great idea at all; this is not a surprise but a straightforward sign that her place is in the kitchen, which is a no-no. Some buy fashionable gadgets that either get broken in a matter of a week or are completely useless, and you just stare at them, wondering why would you ever waste your money on such a thing. It seems like Amazon lowers your intelligence whenever you visit it. So yeah, maybe the best gift is a new car. I mean, at least she will appreciate the effort and the money that went to it. And hopefully, the effort that went into getting that money as well. But which car should you choose as a gift to your loved one?

There are lots of types of cars; many things are up for a choosing: a hatchback, a crossover, or maybe a big SUV. Yet the reality is this: if we are talking about a normal woman, who isn’t into cars or anything like that, she just wants a good-looking and efficient tool that gets her from a place to place, then a different way of picking a car should be involved.

In order to slightly narrow the range of cars, we will form a minimum list of requirements for female cars.

The main thing is an automatic transmission since it is just a lot safer this way. In addition, the car must have air conditioning or climate control, heated front seats, rear parking sensor, or rear-view camera. And, while you may not understand it and don’t bother doing it, you should consider buying a car with a good audio system; just consider that: don’t ask questions. Of course, the car must be equipped with at least two airbags and ESP. The appearance of such a gift must also be appropriate. Yet the word “appropriate” can mean lots of things; your girlfriend may be fond of bright colors, so you should get her a red or a green car. Or maybe quite the opposite; in this case, get her a chrome painted car: it’s the best option. Be sure to check some other options and ideas by visiting www.autonews.com; don’t miss out!

Ok, with that out of the way, which cars are the most fitting to the parameters listed above?

1. Opel Corsa
A cute, stylish little car. Such an automobile will always delight its owner with its appearance and glamorous interior. But it’s not that speedy – acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes almost 14 seconds. On the other hand, maybe it’s for the better.

2. Kia Rio
The most popular budget car Kia Rio has is a hatchback, and this will undoubtedly be a huge upside. Women should appreciate this car because it has absolutely everything that is required from a neat city car.

3. Ford Fiesta
The brightest car in terms of the design. If a woman loves everyone’s attention, then this car is just for her. A girl in such a car looks fascinating, like a movie star. I mean, movie stars aren’t driving Ford cars, as far as I am concerned, but don’t tell her that.

4. Skoda Fabia RS
An uncompromising car. It’s an automobile for those who do not like to stand out due to the appearance. Skoda Fabia RS looks quite unassuming, but at the same time, its driving performance is truly impressive – 7.3 seconds to get to 100 km/h! It’s a fast little toy: while standing in traffic, it’s a cute sheep, and when the green light comes in, it turns into a mad wolf. This car will surely meet your needs if you are dating a Chinese woman, I’ve been with one, and they are pragmatic and straightforward.

5. Honda HR-V

Attractive and practical, Honda HR-V 2016 is a great choice for women. If you girlfriend likes Honda, then this 1.8-liter four-cylinder that makes 141 horsepower with an excellent fuel economy is just perfect. This beauty has got leather seating, leather -wrapped steering wheel and shift knob navigation, rearview camera and Bluetooth. If you decide to buy this one, you won’t make a mistake.


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