Does Your Car Shipping Company Carry Insurance In Case Of Damage

Car Shipping Company

When moving cross country some people find it better to sell their auto, others opt to drive their car from one state to the other, but in most cases, people prefer to enlist the services of a transport company to ship what they consider one of their most valuable assets.

That can leave an owner feeling vulnerable, turning keys over to a third party and trusting that the auto will arrive safely at the new destination. It’s rare for there to be difficulties, damages, or hassles with a car shipping company; the process is usually stress-free.

There are, though, occasions when a carrier driver could run into unexpected situations leading to possible damage. These businesses provide insurance coverage to protect the owner—this way, the shipping company can reimburse if there were to be a problem.

Plus, it’s encouraged for the auto’s owner to maintain active insurance on the vehicle throughout the journey. Consider these suggestions when having a car returned from car shipping with damages.

What Should You Know When After A Car Shipment Leaves Your Auto Damaged

1x1.trans Does Your Car Shipping Company Carry Insurance In Case Of Damage


Although rare, instances can occur when a carrier driver is forced into a situation leading to damage to cars being hauled. Fortunately, reputable, professional transport companies provide car insurance coverage allowing for reimbursement if damages occur during the shipping process.

It’s also wise to keep your personal auto insurance active while the vehicle is shipped across the country. Let’s look at other suggestions to ensure protection when turning your keys over for one of your most valuable assets.

Research Is a Valuable First Step When Finding a Company to Partner With for Car Shipment

1x1.trans Does Your Car Shipping Company Carry Insurance In Case Of Damage


When hauling your auto, the possible damage you can face includes theft, potential perils like flood damage, carrier rollover, window cracks, and minor dings, scratches, and chips. Before passing the keys to a company, it’s vital to research a few to learn their standards and coverages.

You’ll need to know what damages are covered with claims and the percentage the policy covers, among other variables. You’ll recognize a good company by checking on the company website for client references and testimonials and their social networks.

The Insurance Coverage for a Shipping Company

With shipping companies you’re considering for your car transport, you should go into the companies’ websites to become informed on what coverage is available when damages occur while the vehicle is being transported. The suggestion is that carriers in the US under contract have a minimum of $100,000 coverage per auto.

The car shipping company will likely provide a copy of their policy coverage. If going overseas, the owner will have the opportunity to purchase Marine coverage running at roughly “4.5 percent of the auto’s value.”

It’s also wise to look into your personal insurance to learn what coverage is available with car shipping. Compare the rates to see which is better for your situation. Click here for guidance on how to protect an auto during transport.

The Car Will Be Inspected Prior to the Trip and After Arrival

1x1.trans Does Your Car Shipping Company Carry Insurance In Case Of Damage


Before the auto is released to the car shipping company for transport, it’s essential to inspect it thoroughly inside, on the exterior, and beneath with comprehensive photos of each area.

These pictures must be time/dates stamped and labeled to indicate the car’s location. Make a particular file on your mobile so these are readily accessible. These can also be sent to the car shipping company as an attachment for the Bill of Lading.

Once the car arrives, look for inconsistencies compared to your documentation. When presented to the carrier driver, the professional should sign for all damages detected.

You should, again, take photos of the new damage and detail these in a brief report. The differences should be noted from the original pictures and paperwork with the shipping company. Making this report needs to be timely, within 30 days of finding the new damage in order for the carrier driver to be held responsible.

You will get repair estimates to send to the transport company, and the business will ensure the damages are recovered.

Final Thought

When the vehicle arrives at your final destination, you should receive the Bill of Lading, where you can document any new damages from the transport before providing payment for the services to the carrier driver. Point these out to the driver and record them on the paperwork.

In order to confirm the information, the new paperwork will be reviewed with the original Bill of Lading done prior to shipping. You’ll include the latest pictures and notes taken concerning the additional damage. The car shipping company will either release payment directly or provide the carrier’s coverage for claim filing.

A vehicle is among the most valuable assets people invest in. When transporting it cross country, some relatively straightforward steps can ensure unexpected damages will be handled stress-free.

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