2018 Honda Sports EV Concept Review

Honda is really making huge breakthroughs in design these past few years and what proves that is the retro Urban EV hot hatch concept that was firstly teased at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Its bold and quirky design depicts the original 1973 Civic hatchback, but even that is out shined by the Honda’s latest concept which is called the Honda Sports EV  and it was revealed at the 2017 Tokyo auto show.

Difference between the Urban EV and Sports EV

The Urban EV and Sports EV concepts clearly have differences between themselves, first of which is shown in their design. The Urban EV is taking its design cues from the work that Honda did back 1970s, and it meant incorporating a boxy, modern hatchback body with an electric powertrain, while the Sports EV Concept goes even further back to 60s when Honda first started making interest in car production, and because of that it resembles the 1964 S600.

Urban EV and Sports EV concepts

From the 1964 design you can distinct the tradition along-hood/short-rear-deck layout with the cabin pushed slightly pushed to the rear of the car. It has the same dedicated platform like the Urban EV, and that is also the same platform that the company developing for all their future electric cars. What is peculiar about it is the fact that we still do not know which of the two axles (or even both of them) is powered and where the motors or the battery pack is mounted on it. Possibilities here are endless but we all know that there is only one uniform wish – let it be RWD with motors and battery mounted front and middle for better weight distribution.

2018 Honda Sports EV Concept design

But this all somehow falls into second plan instantly you lay your eyes on the little thing. It could be a two-wheel design with a chainsaw engine powering it, we wouldn’t matter. The design is so neatly executed that it instantly brings us back in time and wakes up some sort of nostalgia. With it beat tie little eyes (headlights) and the grill between them that looks like a smile it instantly warms our hearts. The rear end is no different though, especially when you squint, then you can definitely see a little emoticon staring at you. It is definitely a small car but it has so much wavy lines to it that make it even more graceful, and cute. So far Honda decided to not share anything regarding the 2018 Honda Sports EV Concept interior and electronics, but they did decide to tickle our imagination with a statement that the AI (artificial intelligence) tech has somehow evolved further.

Can we expect it to be produce?

So far this is still a concept but we believe that Honda will definitely make the Sports EV one of their future EV line up. From the available info on the Urban EV we know that Honda made a fully production model and that it will be available to the Europe and Japan markets. The only hope that we got now is that Honda will decide to broaden the market span with the 2018 Honda Sports EV Concept and send a “few” of them to the US dealerships. When and if that actually happens you will be the first to know, so stay tuned!

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