6 Ways to Make an Old Car Look New Again

Cars can start to look old after just a couple of years. The wear and tear from weather, small accidents, sun exposure, interior spills, and other things all contribute to aging our autos.

Many of us can’t afford to swap out our ride for a new one every year. CNBC reported that Americans are buying fewer cars now than before. People used to upgrade every 3 to 4 years, and now they’re waiting for 8 or more years to change.

This is because new cars are expensive and they’re becoming more durable. So, if you want to feel like you have a new ride, but aren’t ready to buy a new one yet, you’re in luck. We’re going to tell you our tips to make an old car look new again.

1. Clean and Organize

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Cleaning and organizing your car might seem like an obvious thing, but it can really make it look great. A thorough detailing can make it look like it just rolled off the lot.

First, you need to take out any trash or extra items you have inside or in the trunk. You only need a tool kit, a spare, and jumper cables in there. Inside your vehicle, you only need some every day and emergency items in your glove compartment. Everything else needs to go.

Then, vacuum and shampoo the floors. Take the time to clean the little areas like your cup holder, radio, buttons, air vents, and steering wheel. These areas can gather a lot of dust and gunk if not cleaned regularly.

Once the inside is taken care of, you should focus on the outside. Invest in a quality car wash and detailing service. The team at Carpo.global hint that this level of cleaning will leave your vehicle looking showroom quality. Wash your auto twice; the first wash will get the heavy stuff off, and the second one will ensure it’s clean of all grime.

Pay special attention to the rims and the bottom part of the car because these tend to be the dirtiest.

2. Detail Your Car

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To get that extra shine, you need to wax your car after you wash it. You can buy wax in the same color of your car to make the paint pop again. Sun exposure can make your ride look dull, but a good coating will bring it back to life.

If you have small scratches, you can buy a small tube of car paint to fix that. It’s important to buy it directly from the auto manufacturer to make sure the color is exactly the same. Each car company has its unique greys, blues, reds, and even blacks and whites.

With rain and humidity, the headlights and backlights can become fogged up. There are products that you can use to clear these up too. This will help with visibility at night and also give your car a fresh look.

When your ride has leather seats, you need to buy polish to finish up the inside of your car.

3. Remember the Windows

Source: drivebydetail.net

Smudges and fingerprints on your windows will make them look old and dirty. After you finish washing your car, you need to take the time to clean the windows separately. Use microfiber cloth; that way, little pieces of paper towel aren’t left behind.

You need to wash the inside and outside of the windows. The inside will likely have fingerprints or spills, and the outside might have pollen or bird droppings. There are special cleaners to use on the auto that protects the windows from environmental hazards. They add a protective coat to make those things harder to stick or repel them completely.

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4. Get a New Windshield Wiper

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We often forget about the windshield wiper, but they’re important to keep your windows clean. The blade wears out over time, which can leave marks on your windshield, which doesn’t look good. It’s good practice to replace them every 6 months.

Investing in a new wiper will make seeing in the rain and snow better and leave your windshield looking great.

5. Replace the Floor Mats

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The mats of our car get a lot of wear and tear. Ice from snow boots, sand from the beach, accidental spills, and dirty pet paws, all contribute to dirty, worn floor mats. If you can’t clean them with shampoos or steam cleaners, you need to buy new ones.

You’re best to source them from the same auto manufacturer to make sure the color of the carpet and plastic matches the car. Why not consider custom fit floor mats for any make and model? They’re plastic, so you can take them out and hose them off whenever you want. It will make the inside of your vehicle look brand new.

6. Use an Air Freshener

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There are car air fresheners with the new car scent. This is the perfect finishing touch to make your auto look and feel new again. You can hang them on your mirror or get ones that you can stick in your vent.

A secret tip to get a new car scent is to put a bar of soap under the seat if you’d rather not look at it. There will always be a faint clean smell in your ride, and no one will know where it’s coming from.

The Bottom Line

It feels great driving around in a brand new car, but it’s not always in our budget to get one right away. However, there are ways to make your car look and feel newer with just a little elbow grease.

Our tips are to clean, organize, and detail your car to give it that shine when driving around. Then, clean the windows, replace the windshield wiper, and the floor mats. Finally, purchase an air freshener to keep the new car scent. Once you do all these things, you’ll feel like your driving right off the lot once again.

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