20 Best Songs for the Road Trip in 2024

Heading out on the road for some good fun with friends or family? No road trip is complete without the right music, so let us help you get started on that perfect playlist for the car.

Music taste is of course very individual but some songs are just driving-friendly and agreed by most, to simply be stunning song wonders that you just can’t resist digging to.

Enjoy his list of 20 songs that aren’t just the same as every other old boring roadtrip list – it’s a trip between decades, continents and a wide range of music genres.

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can’t stop

The building up intro, the snapping guitar sound and yeah, just the entire song is built for building your passengers spirit and driving on the highway.

2. The Hives – Hate To Say I Told You So

The Swedish band delivers high tempo and that awesome noice from small guitar rifs. But make no misstake, the chorus is something everyone will sing to; even when you don’t know it.

3. José González – Heartbeats

Having car troubles along the journey? Check out a guide to fix the problem at CarCody.com and put on this chill song to calm everyone down.

4. Lou Reed – Walk On the Wild Side

Classic fun song that just has to be on everyone’s playlist.

5. Alan Walked – Fade

A party song that gives you the feeling that you are in a movie. Turn the sound way up and get you are on your way to have your very own car fiesta.

6. Jetta, Matstubs – I’d Love To Change The World (Matstubs Remix)

Somewhat a wildcard that isn’t to everybodys liking but this is a real power music masterpiece. The build-up gets you pumped up – If you like it, you love it!


When we are on the track of power songs, here is another one that is more mainstream. Making everyone feel just a bit harder, faster, stronger!

8. Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City

Take me down to the Paradise City, where the grass is greener and the girls are pretty. Well, you might not be driving to Paradise City but you can always pretend!
Guns N’ Roses has to be on the playlist, you can choose to exchange it from Sweet Child O’ Mine to

9. Starship – We Build This City

Classic road trip song that I personally have a bad history with back from the time of CDs. An eight hour trip where every person in the car got two hours as DJ. A “funny” friend made a CD with this song filling the maximum 80 minutes with 16 remixed versions of this song.

That party trick is free for anyone to use, although I promise noone in the car will truly enjoy this music treasure again.

10. Dolly Parton – 9 to 5

If you aren’t afraid of yelling out WORKING NINE TO FIVE, Dolly Parton’s superhit about the rat race must be included. Short 2 minutes 40 seconds, but oh so sweet.

11. Sam Cooke – Wonderful World

Sam Cooke delivers happiness to the entire car in a joyful and relaxed way. The lyrics is something we all feel connected to sometimes although it’s hard to admit.

12. Indila – Derniére Danse

Never heard of Indila? Probably because she only sings in French and while you might not understand a single word (except “Fraaaance” and “Daaaance”) the rhythm and her voice just goes through the language barrier.

13. Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

Probably the best mainstream country song of all time. I’m sure it offends the country song fanboys but The Gambler is one of those songs that just appeal to everyone no matter the music genre.


14. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg – Still D.R.E.

After just one second nearly every person on this planet knows what song it is. The beat sound is nothing less than legendary, from the first second to the end of the song. Dre and Snoop took rap to the masses to be enjoyed by everyone. Celebrate it!

15. The Black Keys – Howlin’ for You

Throwing something different in the mix to keep stuff fresh. Not even sure what music genre this would classify as. But great song nonetheless.

16. Sublime – What I Got

No list of great songs is completed without some personal biased touch from the author. Full honesty, this is my favorite song of all time for many reasons.
The text is worth some time reflecting over but even without that, just a great beat and beautiful guitar to enjoy.

17. Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

Include it as an ironic song while not admitting that you actually love it. At least that’s what I do so no judgement.

18. M.I.A – Paper Planes

M.I.A. is nothing less than a genius with an awesome voice. Although only one or two songs feel like a natural car song, the other one being Bad Girls.

19. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Three Little Birds

Don’t think we forgot about Reggae, we are just leaving some of the best for the last points. Although we could put a hundred Reggae songs here there is only room for one. And it has to be Marley!


20. Jay-Z, Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind

When Alicia Keys delivers NEW YORK, NEW YORK – There are no words necessary.

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