2016 Honda Brio review

The Honda Brio is five door hatchback that was first time introduced in 2011. Its name means energetic and cheerful in Italian language. Its initial markets are India and Thailand but Honda aims to dash the market. New 2016 Honda Brio will get the new platform and it is going to be more affordable and with a lot of new features. New Brio will have improved engines, a new gearbox for the top end model and even more interior equipment than before. This car was unveiled at the 2016 Indian Motor Show. Let’s read more about this vehicle.

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2016 Honda Brio engine

The 2016 Honda Brio is however being presented as well as Honda has not nonetheless introduced any sort of formal details. Nonetheless, there are by now numerous engine specs which have been highly promoted that should be exceptional for this hardly any treasure. Among the options below the hood is a 1.5 litre i-DTEC engine which is between the far more expected engine options for the Brio. There is also a probability that there’ll be referred to as a 1.2 liter 4 cylinder engine that could be able of placing out around 90 horsepower as well as 80 pounds of torque. Although these two are the most expected, on launch, Honda might enhance many various other offered choices

New Brio exterior design

There are a number of adjustments that will be made to the body design of the 2016 Honda Brio version as well as amongst this are the streamlined and also more elegant basic design. To maintain its small size, the hood will remain short with the windshield stretching out quite a bit as well as the grille with the firm symbol is also unmodified. Nonetheless, the fronts lights do look a little different as well as there are more folds to the side that provide the vehicle a more aggressive as well as sporty appearance. At the back, one of the most noteworthy modification is the lights that are taking a clear design making the vehicle look even more enticing in addition to the folds on the boot door.
1x1.trans 2016 Honda Brio review

1x1.trans 2016 Honda Brio review

2016 Honda Brio Facelift

Details about the interior design

For an automobile of its price, you would not expect significantly to be occurring inside. However, there is quite a bit to look forward to inside the 2016 Brio. While the investment will stay fairly basic and civil, the car will certainly have lots of area as well as leg area as well as the dash will be highlighted with the addition of a 7 inch LCD display for the infotainment. The seats as well as upholstery will be completed in white or black in addition to the door panels with suggestions of grey however this goes through transform depending on preference.
1x1.trans 2016 Honda Brio review

2016 Honda Brio release date and price

The business has actually not supplied a particular date when the 2016 Honda Brio to be released, but there are some speculation that it could be launch in December of this year .The base price is expected to be someplace between $14,000 and $16,000, however it most likely depends upon the devices that the consumer will certainly decide on.

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