Make it Blast: What Are the Best Speakers for your Car?

Having a great speaker does not necessarily mean that you are going to get a great sound right off the box. There are a bunch of factors you need to consider first to get a good sound in your car. After we list some of the best speakers you could get for your car, it is important that we also clear some things about the types of speakers you could install in a car.


Best Speakers for a Car Audio System

1. Polk MM69

2. Pioneer PRO TS-6900PRO

3. Alpine SPS-619

4. JBL GTO609C Premium

5. Boss NX654

6. Kenwood KFC-1695PS

7. Kicker DS693

Types of Speakers

There are 3 different kinds of car audio speakers you will want to understand before you install brand new speakers in your car.


Subwoofers are probably the largest type of speakers you will be able to fit in your car as they usually range from 10 to 15″ in size. They are responsible for handling the lowest possible frequencies in your music. Most stock or basic car audio systems do not include a subwoofer at all. Instead, they can be added to an aftermarket system.

Sure, you can still achieve a great sound in your car without a subwoofer, but you will be surprised how much clarity and depth it can bring to your car’s sound, especially if you listen to music with heavy basses like hard rock or hip-hop.

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The woofer is a medium-sized speaker that you can find in any car audio system. They are often 3 to 8″ in size, and they handle all the mid-range frequencies of your music.

The larger and heavier the woofer is, the better it will be at handling bass frequencies. While smaller woofers will handle a higher range of frequencies with more accuracy. In high-end stock or aftermarket car audio systems, it is common to have multiple of these woofers. Smaller ones to handle the mid and high frequencies and large woofers that will handle the mid and bass frequencies.


Tweeters are the smallest speakers you will find in your car. They are usually under 1.5″ in size and handle the high-end frequencies in your music. Tweeters are often mounted high on the door panel or on the sides of the dashboard.


Other Important components of a Car Audio System

While these components are not speakers, they also play a very important role in your car’s sound quality.


Crossovers are small electronic components that you will find in every car audio system. Crossovers have the role to tell the sound where to go based on its frequency. It will send the mid-range frequencies to the woofers, the high-end to the tweeters and the lowest frequencies to the subwoofer (if you have one).


Amplifiers, amplify the sound that is produced by the input source. Every car audio system will always have an amplifier. However, the stock amplifiers in most cars are almost always too small and are not enough to power aftermarket audio systems. If you are planning to upgrade to a bigger system, you will also need to get an amplifier.

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