Exploring the Different Types of Linear Actuators for Cars

Linear actuators range from micro devices added to other components to large actuators. They help in opening your vehicle’s tailgate. But knowing the various actuators will help you make informed decisions on the best to use for your car.

The types of linear actuators used in cars are electronic throttle linear actuators, electronic throttle linear actuators, and digital linear actuators. Each of them performs different basic functions and has its advantages.

In this post, we’ll look at the different types of linear actuators for cars and how they function. 

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What Is a Linear Actuator?

Linear actuators are a mechanical device that moves items through a system. The device uses energy to create force. The motion in a linear form. It is unlike the rotational motion found in an electric motor. 

Linear actuators offer several advantages. They’re simple devices designed with minimal moving parts. Additionally, they’re self-contained and are capable of achieving high speeds. Moreover, the actuator has identical features extending and retracting. 

A linear actuator functions by taking power from the power source. It then converts it into a linear motion form. The power can be mechanical, electrical, or fluid-based.

Types of Linear Actuators for Cars

Electromotive Throttle Linear Actuators

Electromotive throttle linear actuators help regulate the throttle valve area mechanically. It uses the accelerator Bowden cable for this purpose. The throttle valve electronics move the position of the throttle valve. It’ll then get to the ECU in the form of an electrical signal. 

The engine control unit calculates the optimum throttle position for consumption. And the exhausting gas emissions and send the information back to the throttle valve. It functions in the form of an electrical control signal. The area of the throttle valve will be fine-tuned with the help of a servo motor.

Electronic Throttle Linear Actuators

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The electronic throttle actuators cannot be connected directly to the accelerator pedal. Instead, the driver’s load is captured by an electronic accelerator pedal. In some cases it can be an electromotive throttle linear actuator. The engine management matches this signal to the information from the engine sensors. It uses the data obtained to calculate the best throttle position. This will help in the prevailing activity.

Digital Linear Actuators

Digital linear actuators provide incremental airflow adjustment. This is usually in the throttle bypass valve; it always ensures optimal idling. The device provides an immediate response to any variation in idle speed. It works in conjunction with the corresponding sensors.


The different types of linear actuators perform various functions. These functions are  essential to your car’s electronic control systems. The electromotive throttle linear actuators help regulate the throttle valve while the electronic throttle linear actuators optimize the throttle position for better movement. 

Variations in idle speed are monitored and adjusted by the digital linear actuator. So, the Linear actuators to install depends on the added improvements you want your car to have.

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