2017 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition

Another brilliant car is rolling out from Honda’s factory. The word is about 2017 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition and we can tell you it looks just stunning. Marked by a lightened body and tuned engines R types are really desirable sports hatchbacks. Black edition will be the Honda’s way to celebrate the car’s brief run, so the last 100 examples of Civic R type will be made special.Classical Type R red coloring will be transformed to black, with red details, and Honda did it amazing again.

Exterior design

Stunning, sporty, dangerous, sharp, could be the right words to describe the look of this edition. The front part will be dominated by a Honda sign, on the red background, sporty grill edged by full LED headlights. The aerodynamically shaped body is kind of a Civic’s signature, and the rear of this version is made special. Huge tail-wing for the maximum downforce, and four exhaust pipes, which sounds just like a tiger growl. As its name suggests, this version will be made exclusively black, with just a few red details. Black edition is going to travel on 20 inch 245-section high-performance tires. Overall look is really nice, but let us take a peek inside.

Interior of the car

Follows the same black-red colouring as the outside. Maybe a bit too much of black, but there are plenty offered details too. For example back of the sports, seats are contrasted red, details on the steering wheel and red stitches on the black letter.

Plenty of Honda-like gadgets, but not crowded, still this is a sports car. Too many buttons could be confusing, and the driver at high speeds certainly does not want any distractions. The manual gear lever is placed relatively high, for the fastest gear-changes, just behind it is handbrake. Aluminium pedals are there too.

2017 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition engine and specs

The most interesting part of every sports car is its engine and there is no difference here. New 2017 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition is going to use a tuned version of R-Type’s engine. This incredible powerplant packs over 310 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, which propels the car from 0 to 60 in just  5,7 seconds and top speed peak is incredible 167 MPH.

All those numbers got the R type to the top lap times at Nurburgring. Technically speaking Type R and Black edition are the same car, but still, Black is one kind of collector’s piece, with just 100 units produced. Transmission is same as the R type again and the word is about six-speed manual gearbox which is more than able to transfer all those horses to the front wheels.

Release date and price

Both of those we can discuss long in the night. Release date should be in the second half of 2017, but can also be at the beginning of 2018. Price range, well, since it is limited edition, we expect rather a high price on it. Some say that it will begin from $40,000, but can be a bit higher too.

All 100 units of 2017 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition will be sold in the UK, the home of the Civic R type.

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