2017 Honda S660 Roadster Price

The Honda S660 is a two seat sports car which fits in the very small Kei car category. It is manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer Honda. The car weighs approx. 830 kg with manual transmission and 850kg with CVT auto. A prototype was shown at the November 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, the major Japanese auto show event, as a successor to the Honda Beat. The naming convention of using the letter “S” followed by the engine displacement is a long held Honda tradition going back to Honda’s first production car, the Honda S500. The mid-engine design balances weight on the front and rear of the car to provide good handling qualities. The design of the 2017 Honda S660 is claimed to have 45/55 front/rear weight balance (exactly even between the axles).

1x1.trans 2017 Honda S660 Roadster Price


Borrowing concepts from S2000, the 2017 Honda S660 will be based on the NSX system and come with either no ceiling or a skinny protect as a ceiling to keep weight at a lowest possible point. As for the outside look, we received some info speculating that this small sports car will bewearing a strong V-shaped front grill, thin front lighting with LED tech innovation and the company’s logo happily seated above grill and between front lighting. The sides of the car will be graced with slightly wider wheel arches which means two things, better stance and bigger tires and rims, possibly 18 inch. The back, according to the rumors will pretty much stay the same as the ongoing model, with a few slight design touches, possibly on the rear lights and bumper. There are also some speculations that the US model of this Kei car might be prepared by Mugen, which means a little more power and an aggressive body kit.
1x1.trans 2017 Honda S660 Roadster Price
1x1.trans 2017 Honda S660 Roadster Price


On the inside the new 2017 Honda S660 will be identical to the Japanese model. There will only be two seats and all of the controls will be pointed towards the driver. This will allow him to focus on actually driving the car than using the air conditioning or infotainment unit. Unlike the Japanese model, though, we do expect the US one to offer slightly better seats as well as better materials on the dashboard. If they would manage to do this then the car should have no problem outselling the MX5. But that is not all, the Honda S660 also showcases some truly advanced technological features such as satellite navigation, labelled songs method, Bluetooth hook up, universal serial bus ports, auto parking assistance via rear look at cameras, guided lights technological innovation, luxury cruise manage, seat straps and more.


The current S660 uses a tiny 660 cc 3 cylinders turbocharged engine rated at 63 HP and 77 lb-ft of torque. The US and European models are both expected to receive Honda’s 1.0 L 3 cylinder engine which has been launched quite recently. This is according to speculations going to be tweaked by Mugen in Japan and receive an output between 123 and 138 HP as well as more than 120 lb-ft of torque. It maybe seems so underpowered, but considering its weight it could very easily be noticeably faster than the base MX5. The six-speed manual is a standard while the CVT might also be added to certain markets and to the top trim of the car. The car will remain RWD and it should be capable of getting to 60 MPH in well under 10 seconds and get to a maximum top speed of over 100 MPH.
1x1.trans 2017 Honda S660 Roadster Price

2017 Honda S660 Release date

As for the release date, we found out that there is a slight possibility that it will come at the end of this year or eventually very early in the 2018, possibly the first quarter. Nevertheless having in mind all of these information we provided, it really can’t get soon enough. Honda S660 will also be available in USA but with the name S1000.

1x1.trans 2017 Honda S660 Roadster Price


Since the Japanese automaker hasn’t provided any info about the price of their new pet, we managed to come up with the price range that we believe will be pretty realistic. That price range for the 2017 Honda S660 is from $19,000 to $21,000 depending on the trim, engine specs and transmission options.

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