2016 Honda Prelude specs

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The Honda Prelude is sport coupe that was produced from 1978 until 2001. That means that this car has not been produced for fifteen years. But based on some rumors, after all of these years it is coming back as 2016 Honda Prelude. This new Prelude will come with a lot of improvements and upgrades especially in terms of design and performances. This new model will provide complete satisfaction to drivers and definitely attract the attention of many customers. So let’s read more about this new Prelude!

2016 Honda Prelude exrt

Engine specs

Honda Prelude constantly lacked V6 power, even in an environment-unaware period which appears so remote, and yet it took place not so long earlier. Nevertheless, the auto was powered by some excellent 4-cylinder engines for many years. In today’s world where scaled down engines are taken into consideration an advantage, engine inside the 2016 Honda Prelude would certainly be a thin fit, yet smaller, or, even better, 4-cylinder with turbocharger would certainly are much better. Given that there are no news at this point, we would opt for something in between Civic’s 1.8-liter and also Accord’s 2.4-liter I-4 engines, while feasible Si version of the car can obtain a turbocharged powertrain.

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New Prelude exterior and interior design

Not only to the engine, Honda will additionally embark on the major changes to the exterior of this latest version of the Prelude auto. Indeed, the latest edition of the Prelude is still using the standard design of a sports car. However, for the overall design, Honda will upgrade the previous exterior to make this new model look a lot more hostile and also more streamlined. There are several aspects that will be changed, such as the design of the headlights as well as taillights. This redesign is meant to get the appearance and design of a modern-day line with contemporary styles.
2016 Honda Prelude exterior
It ends up that the interior is not forgotten by Honda. As the engine as well as the exterior, the interior in 2016 Honda Prelude will certainly likewise be boosted. As stated, this most recent Prelude will have an interior or cabin car that even more stylish as well as pleased sportier. Other than style, attributes or modern technologies that match the interior is additionally acquiring enhanced dramatically. This is definitely in order to offer you comfort when driving.

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This is how Honda Prelude interior looked in 2001. Now try to imagine new interior with all this new features.
2016 Honda Prelude interior 1

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2016 Honda Prelude release date and price

The car is the following huge thing in the vehicle sector. It is anticipated to be presented at the end of 2016. The 2016 Honda Prelude is still having modifications in its design and also the power train selecting. The forecasted base price for the Prelude will certainly be about $34,000.

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